Hand-Lubed Switch Service

Lubing switches and springs can be incredibly tedious from disassembly, lubing, and reassembly. Seventy switches typically take between 2-4 hours for experienced enthusiasts and even longer for beginners. Through our professionally, hand-lubed switches, you will not have to worry about under- or over-lubing as these switches have been meticulously hand-lubed by experienced lubists. To cut down on time and enjoy your new keyboard without hassle, we are now selling some of our favorite switches hand-lubed by professionals.

When tuning your own switches for the first time, many new enthusiasts struggle with proper lube application techniques such as under-tuning or over-tuning. One must also take into consideration the upfront cost of purchasing all of the necessary material and equipment such as brushes, stem holder, lube station, etc. Although hand-lubing switches may be fun and exciting, sometimes you just want the product ready-to-go. 

Traditionally, lube services provided by other third parties require a much longer lead time. This is due to a customer being required to secure their own switches and/or lubricant, shipped to the servicer, completion of the service, then shipped back to the customer. Our hand-lubed, readily available switches will significantly cut down the turn around time when compared to the traditional lube service route. 

Our hand-lubed switches uses two different methodologies in order to encompass linear and tactile differences. 

  • Linear switches are treated with Krytox 205G0. A light coat is applied to the bottom housing and a normal-to-mid sized coat on the stems. Springs are then lubed with Krytox GPL 105 Oil Lubricant. 
  • Tactile switches are treated with TriboSys 3204G0 for the housing and stem. Similar to the linear switches, the bottom housing has a light coat and the stems receive a normal-to-mid sized coat. The stem legs are avoided in order to preserve the tactility of the switch. Springs are lubed with Krytox GPL 105 Oil Lubricant.

You may find our favorite switches here! Typing tests are also available via the product page.