08.25.2021 Inventory Update | Divinikey

08.25.2021 Inventory Update

Please see the list below for our updated inventory schedule.


Going live TOMORROW at 11:00AM PST, 8/26/2021

New at DK

TX Switch Film 0.125mm or 0.15mm: All Colors

TX Springs (Short, Medium, Long): All Spring Weights

TTC Switches: Golden Red, Watermelon Milkshake

KBDfans Switch Pads: Hotswap Version, Solder Version

DZ60 RGB V2 Hotswap (Plate B Compatible ONLY, has arrow keys) 

Restocked (already live as of 8/25/2021)

RAMA Switch Puller: SOYA


DZ60 RGB-ANSI V3: Plate B or any 60% ANSI Plate (no arrow keys)


KAT Alpha Keycap Set: Base, 40's

ai03 x KBDfans Switch Opener: Rose Gold, Silver

Cherry MX Hyperglide: Black (PCB Mount)

ePBT Charcoal Keycap Set

ePBT Gray Japanese Keycap Set

ePBT Grey on White Keycap Set

ePBT Sky Dolch Keycap Set

ePBT Black Japanese Keycap Set

ePBT Korean Keycap Set

ePBT Sushi Keycap Set

ePBT Teal Keycap Set

ePBT WoB Keycap Set

KBDfans 65% Plate: Brass, PC

KBDfans DZ60 60% Plate: Aluminum Plate A, Aluminum Plate B, PC Plate A, PC Plate Plate B, Brass Plate A

KBDfans DZ60 Rev 3.0 PCB

KBDfans KBD75 Brass Plate


KBDfans KBD75 V2 Case: Silver Top/Grey Bottom

KBDfans Lube Station Plus Bundle: Grey

KBDfans Carrying Case: 60%/65%, 75%, 80%

KBDfans Spacebar Foam: 3.5mm/7u, 3.5mm/6.25u

KBDfans Module Foam

KBDfans switch Film: Black PC, Transparent PC

KBDfans Tofu60: Black, E-yellow, Acrylic, E-White, Tiffany

KBDfans Tofu65: E-White, Ink Blue, Acrylic, Black, 

KBDfans Stabilizer Foam

Maxkey SA White on Black

NP PBT Crayon Keycap Set

NP PBT Crayon Keycap Set: Japanese

NP PBT Japanese Keycap Set: Base, English Alpha Kit

PG Retro Keycap Set: Base


In Transit:

Gateron Ink V2 Black

Gateron KS-3: Yellow Full Black, Yellow Half Milk, Yellow Full Milk (KS-3 Pro, NEW)

Gateron KS-9: Yellow Pro

TECSEE Linear Switches: Jadeite, Carrot, Ruby, Ice Candy

TECSEE Tactile Switches: Purple Panda, Sapphire


Ordered, waiting fulfillment:

Gateron Ink Box Series: Black 60g, Pink 50g (long spring, shorter pre-travel)

General Durock Restock

 Bredworks KBD67 Lite Plates: FR4 White or Black, POM White or Black

Odds & Ends:

We have submitted some designs to deskmat factories to help produce our first run of deskmats! Once we are satisfied with samples, we will post actual pictures of the designs. One of the designs has subtle DK branding and another is a simple design with no DK branding. Depending on how the samples turn out, we may run one or both designs. Each design has a minimum of 2 color variants.

After this run has been completed, the desk mat(s) will be continuously restocked if well received by the community. GBs for desk mats may open after this point (or we will just run in-stock runs for designer submitted designs). We'll talk about that more when we get there, though!

Merch is being worked on, going through a couple designs right now. No designs are finalized yet but we hope to have something soon. We plan to have T-Shirts and Aviator Flight Tags for this first run of merch.

This lubricant will be offered in 3g and 5g variants. Our current smaller jar (the one that our 3mls, 5mls, and 10g XHT-BDZg1.5 is filled is) is a bit too large for 3g and 5g variants. To prevent questions regarding the amount filled, we are looking into smaller jar alternatives.

New switches
TKC Tangies is still TBD. Still working out the details with TKC.

SP Star Wholesale is still TBD, but we were told soon. Once this is available, we'll go ahead and order them.