10.20.2021 Inventory Update | Divinikey

10.20.2021 Inventory Update

Please see our list below for our updated inventory schedule:

Going LIVE TODAY, October 20th 2021 at 11:30AM PST

C³Equalz X TKC Switches

- Tangerine Light Green 62g

- Tangerine Dark Green 67g

- Dragonfruit Tactile Switch

KTT Switch

- Strawberry

Restocked, Currently Available

Cherry MX

- Hyperglide Black Plate Mount

- Hyperglide Black PCB Mount

TTC Switches

- Bluish White Tactile

- Gold PInk Linear

KBDfans Restock

- ePBT WoB Keycap Set

- ePBT x GOK BoW Keycap Set

- ePBT Blank Keycap Set: Color 2

- NP PBT Blank Keycap Set

- NP PBT Crayon Keycap Set

- NP PBT Gray & White Keycap Set

- KAT BoW Keycap Set: Base

- KAT BoW 226 Keycap Set: Base

- 60% PC Plate B, Brass Plate A, Brass Plate B

- 65% Plate: Aluminum, PC

- Lube Station Plus Bundle: Grey

- Spacebar Foam: 6.25u/3.5mm, 6.25u/6mm, 6.25u/9.5mm, 7u/3.5mm

- Module Foam

- Switch Pads (Hot-Swap, Solder)

- Tofu 60 Cases (Black, E-White)

- Tofu 65 Cases (Acrylic Frosted, E-White)

- KBD67 Rev2 65% PCB

- White Custom Handmade USB-C Cable

- ai03 Switch Opener 2-in-1: Blue, Rose Gold



A 3rd design has just been added to our launch of deskmats. Designed by Fat Cat LA, introducing Blueprint! This desk mat utilizes light Divinikey branding with actual, true measurement scales. Reference points for average size keyboards (NUMPAD, 60%, 65% etc) are included. Only 1 color variant will be offered at this time. Please see the image below.





No update since the last update on 10.12.21. We are still waiting on the first prints to arrive.

Divinikey Switches

Color schemes are completed for all 3 of our first switches. Exact pantones have been selected for one out of the 3. Samples for our selected materials are being produced in tandem to our color matching process. 

Keychron Q1

Delayed due to recent electricity restriction in China. The estimated completion date for production is early November (compared to mid-late October). We hope to see a shipping confirmation for these around then.

Sprit Springs

A couple of our Discord community members have pointed out that we are now listed as a verified vendor for SPRiT Designs on their website! We are currently awaiting shipment. We will carry about 95% of their springs where every spring that was available to us has been ordered (with the exception of economy springs). 

Glorious PC Gaming Race

We have recently onboarded their new Lynx Linear Switch. This is expected to arrive to us today. Will probably go up sometime this week without a notice. Both un-lubed and lubed versions will be available along with a restock of the Glorious Panda switches.