11.10.2021 Inventory Update

Please see the list below for our updated inventory schedule:

Going LIVE TODAY, November 10th 2021 at 11:00AM PST

43 Studio

- RARA V2 Tactile Switch

Mill-Max Hotswap Sockets

- 7305 Gold

TTC Switches

- Bluish White Tactile


- Aluminum / Brass Screw Tray

- KBD75 PC Plate

- 60% PC Plate: Plate A, Plate B

- DZ60 REV 3.0 60% PCB

- DZ60 RGB-ANSI V2 Hot Swap PCB

- DZ65 RGB Hot Swap PCB

- KBD67 REV2 65% PCB

- KBD67 V3 Gasket Mount Case: Black

- KBD67 Lite Bottom Silicone Pad

- KBDPAD MKII: Black/Aluminum, Black/PC, Black/Brass

ePBT Keycap Sets

- 9009

- Black & White

- Black Japanese

- Shadow: Version A

- Sharkbait

Other Keycap Sets

- KAT Alpha: Base, 40's

- MA White Keycap Set

- NP PBT Crayon Keycap Set

- NP PBT Ice Cream



Final prototypes have arrived. After seeing some of these final revisions, we've decided to drop some of the color variants as they weren't turning out the way we had planned. Blueprint turned out great though. Production of these will begin shortly.

KBD67 Lite R3

Shipping confirmation was provided yesterday! We are aiming for a Black Friday 2021 release. More information on this release will be provided as we get closer to the date. All colors & options will be available upon release, about 2,000 units total:

Black, White, Transparent, Transparent Orange, Transparent Ink Green, Transparent Dark Purple, Transparent Light Blue, Transparent Deep Blue. 

Again, more information about the release will be provided as we get closer to the date. 

BredWorks KBD67 Lite Plates

Compatible KBD67 Lite Plates have been ordered. We are hoping to match the same release as the KBD67 Lite R3. All previous colors will be included and new colors such as: FR4 Blue, FR4 Red.

Merch, Keychron Q1

No update since 11.3.20221 blog post.