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12.10.2021 Inventory Update | Divinikey

12.10.2021 Inventory Update

Please see the list below for our updated inventory schedule:

Live NOW at 12/10/2021

Zeal Generation
Zealios V1 Redux Tactile Switches: 62g, 67g

Bingsu Linear Switches

43 Studios
Popu Linear Switches

KBD67 Lite Plates: Black FR4, White FR4, Red FR4, Blue FR4, Black POM, White POM

Doubleshot PBT Keycaps
- WoB
- BoW

JTK Trays
- Standard (2/pack)
- Max (1/pack)

Dye-Sub PBT Keycaps
Retro 80's

Milky Purple Keycap Set
GOK BoW R2 Keycap Set (RAL 110 96 02)

KBD67 MK2 V3 Solder PCB

Hotswap Sockets

Gateron: Available early next week
- Ink V2: Black, Yellow, Red, Silent Black
- Box Ink: Black, Pink
- KS-3 Yellow: Half Milk, Full Black
- KS-3 Pro: Yellow
- KS-9 Pro: Yellow
- CJ

TECSEE: Arriving in ~2 weeks
- Saru
- Ice Candy: Nylon, UHMWPE
- Oreo
- Purple Panda

SP-Star: Arriving in ~2 weeks
- Meteor White
- Pole Star Gray
- Pole Star Purple


IN PRODUCTION as of 11/15.

Shirts have arrived! Working on getting product photos, will be available very soon. Had issues with flight tag manufacturer, seems they may have lost our package. Working on getting this resolved.

Divinikey Switches
SARU, our first switch, will be arriving to us very soon. Manufactured by TECSEE, very tactile, long pole.

Keychron Q1
We were supposed to receive shipping confirmation to us last week. We were informed that they were set back to the factory due to QC issues. New ETA end of December.

TX Stabs have been ordered. We have been informed that we will not be seeing this inventory in December. An exact ETA will be provided as soon as we have it.

Thank you, all! Happy Friday!!