6.14.21 Inventory Update

Please see the list below for our updated inventory schedule:

Going Live at 12:00PM PST, 6/14/2021


- KBDfans DZ60 RGB-ANSI V3 Hotswap PCB

- KBDfans DZ65 RGB V2 Hotswap PCB

- KBDfans DZ60 Rev 3.0

- KBDfans KBD67 Rev 2 65% PCB

- ai03 x KBDfans Switch Opener: Black, Blue

- KBDfans Lube Station Plus Bundle: Blue, Grey, Malachite Green, Orange, Purple

- KBDfans PCB Mount Stabilizer Partner

- KBDfans Stabilizer Foam Sticker

- KBDfans Switch Film: Black PC, PC

- KBDfans Tofu60: Dark Gray, Deep Blue, E-White

- NP PBT Blank: Black

- PG Retro Keycap Set

- Cherry MX Hyperglide PCB Mount / Plate Mount: Black

- ePBT Black Japanese Keycap Set

- ePBT Charcoal keycap Set

- KAT Alpha Keycap Set: Base, Blank

- 60% Plates: Carbon Fiber, PC Plate B, Aluminum Plate A, Aluminum Plate B, Brass Plate B



- Gateron Switch Opener: Red, Blue, Silver, Black

- Gateron INK PCB Mount Stabilizer Pack

- NP PBT Crayon Keycap Set: Japanese Base

- KBDfans Tofu60: Pink/Red

- XHT-BDZg1.5 (waiting for labels)

- Krytox GPL 106 (waiting for labels)



6/14/2021 (evening restock)

- Deskeys Switch Film

This will most likely just be added into inventory without a restock notification.


- Krytox 205g0: 3ml, 5ml, possibly 8ml