KBD67 Lite R2 Release Information

KBD67 Lite R2 Information


Release Date & Time: July 22nd, 2021 at 11:00AM PST

KBD67 L R2 Complete Kits, around 1500 total units, all colors available.

KBD67 Lite R2 Spare Parts available on release: Cases (all colors), Polycarbonate Plates, Bluetooth PCBs, Mute Silicone (required for assembly if you don't have one), 3rd-party FR4 and POM plate by Bred Works (VERY limited quantities)

IN-STOCK sale.

Maximum number of kits: 3
Maximum number of bluetooth PCBs: 2
(per customer)

No quantity limit for extra cases and PC plates

I have a KBD67 Lite R1, can I buy x part from R2?
- The spare cases and mute silicone are compatible. The KBD67 L R2 Polycarbonate plate will work if you remove the original standoffs from the PCB. You can use the same stand off screw.

What is the difference between R1 and R2?
- R1 has a wired version only. R2 can be either wired or wireless through the Bluetooth PCB
- R1 uses Cherry screw-in stabilizers, R2 uses KBDfans PC Screw-in
- R1 uses CNC PC Plate (M2-3.5 stand-offs required), R2 uses Injection Molded PC Plate (no stand-offs required as they are molded onto the plate)
- R1 was pre-assembled, R2 is completely disassembled.

I have a 3rd party KBD67 Lite Plate, will this work with the KBD67 Lite R2?
- 3rd party plates can be used with the R2 if you have the M2 3.5mm stand-offs from the original R1 release. These stand-offs will be sold at our store in the near-future. For now, only KBDfans has these for sale. This can be purchased here: https://kbdfans.com/products/kbdfans-m2-3-countersunk-flat-head-screw-kit?_pos=14&_sid=b9a4b4da5&_ss=r

When will you ship the KBD67 Lite R2?
- The KBD67L R2 will be shipped in the order that they are received AFTER all the orders placed prior are packed and shipped. Ex: When the products are released on Thursday at 11:00AM PST, all orders pending prior to Thursday at 11:00AM PST are shipped first. Then all KBD67 L R2 will be shipped.
- No KBD67 Lite R2 orders may be combined with previously placed orders.

Will you be receiving bluetooth kits?
- Yes, we have these on order but we do not have an ETA just yet.

Where are the boards shipping from?
- All of our KBD67 Lite R2 boards will ship from our warehouse in Southern California.

What type of battery is compatible/works best for the Bluetooth PCB?
Please see our listing for this item here: https://divinikey.com/products/kbd67-lite-bluetooth-pcb-dual-mode

Is the KBD67 Lite R2 Bluetooth PCB compatible with the KBD67 Lite R1?
(testing tonight 7/21/2021. Looks like it would be though)

I forgot to add something to my KBD67 Lite R2 order, can I make any changes?
If you haven't received a tracking number, it is possible that we might make changes. We plan on shipping these out as fast as possible so please try to order as accurately as possible.

Will there be more restocks of the KBD67 Lite R2?
This will be the one-and-only release for wired kits. Our Bluetooth Kits have not been shipped yet so this will be available at a later date.

Will the aluminum case for the KBD67 Lite be sold on your store?
This has been ordered and is in-transit to us. This will be sold at a later date.

Will you be getting the KBD67 Lite Bottom Silicone Pad?
We will! This will be sold at a later date