SPRiT MX Complex Springs

$13.50 $13.95

SPRiT Complex Springs are a compromise between progressive springs and linear springs. It features an exponential growth curve until the actuation point and then transitions to a linear to the bottom out.

SPRiT Complex Springs Feature:

  • 100 included in each pack
  • Stainless Steel
  • 99.5% Precision
  • ±0.3g
  • Force Ration = 3:4
  • Available in:
    • 63.5g (Starts at 28g, actuates at 43g)
    • 68g (Starts at 31g, actuates at 47g)
    • 72g (Starts at 33g, actuates at 50g)
    • 78g (Starts at 35g, actuates at 53g)


  • 100 SPRiT Complex Springs