Gateron Cap Switches Linear

$11.80 $13.95

Gateron Cap Switches are linear switches that come in both a vibrant yellow as well as a milky clear housing. Both housings use the same model but the key difference is that the yellow housing utilizes gold-plated springs while the milky housing utilizes standard springs.

Gateron Cap Switches Feature:

  • 35 included in each pack
  • Linear
  • Actuation: 50g
  • Pre-Travel: 2mm
  • Total Travel: 4mm
  • 5-Pin PCB mount
  • Yellow Caps
    • Gold-Plated Springs
  • Milky Caps
    • Standard Springs


  • 35 Gateron Cap Switches
  • 1 Switch Container


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United States United States
best sounding and feeling linears to date

the stem on these make the best sounding and feeling linears i have ever tried. i'm not sure what the milky housing is made out of, but the material along with the stem design add a unique and extremely satisfying sound to the switches. also, the material seems to add an amazing feeling to the up and downstroke. after lubing with 205g0 and filming with thicc resized films, i don't think i will be buying any more linears for a very long time. if you like deep and thoccy, then give these a try. i have seen a few places that state gateron is a budget switch. if i never heard that before, and was given these switches to compare to 'high end' switches, i would think these are the highest quality and top of the line in comparison. from packaging to the look and feel, these are amazing and i'm so happy i gave them a try.

United States United States
Miles better than creams

after lubing and filming these with krytox 205g0 and TX films, they sound amazing. These switches need some time to break in but afterwards they are VERY thocky and smooth. Even stock these switches sound amazing, they are scratchy at first but after breaking these in they become smoother. If you're someone that doesn't like lubing switches, these are lubed from the factory and after opening a couple up I've noted that there is a little bit of oil already applied. highly recommend these if you're on a budget, sounds really nice stock but sounds even better hand lubed and filmed. TL;DR: deep thocky switch, gotta break them in like creams but sound nicer (subjectively) smoother once hand lubed and broken in, great budget switch

Rita R.
United States United States
They thocc hard.

TLDR: If you want heavier reds, a switch with an actual Thocc and no ping, the bassiest sound profile i've heard, a decent price, and you're lazy(they hotswap just fine), than yellow caps are for you. If you just want deep thoccs, these are just perfect. If you're gaming, these are just 5g heavier actuation reds, they feel just as smooth, if not smoother since weight tends to provide that illusion. If you have heavy fingers you might need a heavier switch, these are still LIGHT, I don't feel heaviness in a switch till ~55g. This is easily a 5 star switch if you're new to this, 3 star is you're experienced and want to do your own lubing which is why I give it a 4 star middle ground, its a great product. I already own 2 sets of these, first time buying from divinikey but they are American based which means better shipping costs. They feel smooth, 50g actuation makes it just a little nicer than the the 45g force of the reds. Feels more cushioned(not mushy) if you have a light touch, just a tad harder to bottom out, though I didn't bottom out the reds very often either. There is no noticeable scratch to the keys in both feel and sound profile when you're typing normally, but if you intentionally type on the edge of your keycap you will feel a bit of it. Otherwise it is just smooth throughout. Obv when you're gaming with headphones feel is more important and these feel like any smooth linear, you forget about the switch and enjoy the game. Double taps and quick actuation are easy to do accurately. These switches have no hollow, plastic sound, or metal ping. You dont feel any or it either, even when you bottom out. When you type with these they sound premium, with a deep heavy Thocc, compared to Novelkey Creams which sound a bit high pitch and cheap by comparison (but otherwise feel about the same). These give you a lot of the fun with mechanical keyboards without having to go through the work of taking apart 84 switches and lubing them, in fact these are probably not going to be the best switch if you want a project since they most likely wont benefit too much from using different lube. I didn't have much problem with leaking when I put these in, but I would recommend washing your hands before throwing on your caps. You might be able to build something better, but it'll come at a higher price point, and a significant time effort, not including trial and error with lubing properly. These come in a nice case, and you do need a switch puller to remove them. That said they pop out way easier than they do when in a board, just a light force will pop them out. The cases themselves are actually kind of nice if you want to recycle them as some kind of switch art by plopping in different switches and making a 35key (or greater) tester.

Kyle F.
United States United States
Fast shipping

Fast shipping, quality switches, neat little switch case