Gateron Ink Switches V2

$7.50 $8.95

Gateron Ink Switch V2 features upgraded contact leaves to prevent fallout. Gateron Ink Black has turned this linear switch to a classic. From Ink Black, Yellow, Red, Silent Black or Blue, it encompasses a wide variety of switches for all enthusiasts. 

Gateron Ink V2 Switches Feature:

  • 10 included in each pack
  • MX Switch
  • 5 pin
  • Gateron Ink Black V2
    • Linear
    • Actuation: 60g
    • Bottom: 70g
    • Travel: 4.0mm
  • Gateron Ink Red V2
    • Linear
    • Actuation: 45g
    • Bottom: 60g
    • Travel: 4.0mm
  • Gateron Ink Yellow V2
    • Linear
    • Actuation: 60g
    • Bottom: 67g
    • Travel: 3.4mm
  • Gateron Ink Blue V2
    • Clicky
    • Actuation: 60g
    • Bottom: 70g
    • Travel: 4.0mm
  • Gateron Ink Silent Black
    • Silent Linear
    • Actuation: 60g
    • Bottom: 70g
    • Travel: 4.0mm

Hand-Lubed Switches

  • Meticulously hand lubed by MPKeebs
  • Lubed with Krytox 205G0 Lubricant
  • Stock springs lubed with Krytox GPL 105 Oil Lubricant
  • Process involves applying a light coat to the rails of the bottom housing and a normal-to-mid size coating on the stems.
  • Hand-Lubed typing test under product media

Note: In the event the switch does not fully travel in housing, we ask to ensure that both top and bottom housings are tightly secured. 


  • 10 Gateron Ink V2 Switches 
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Nghi H.
United States United States
Silky smooth

These are definitely not pre-lubed. However, that’s a good thing as lubing these yourself is part of the experience. These have the perfect feel and sound signature

Divinikey Gateron Ink Switches V2 Review
Christopher N.
United States United States
End game achieved

Got these for my GMMK Pro after the Kailh Blacks started showing chatter. I splurged for the hand-lubed ones, and am glad I did. They are a dream - buttery smooth with a proper thock. I was worried that the smoky switch housing might dim the RGBs (I don't touch type and use shine-through caps), but the effect was minimal and only slightly noticeable even when sitting next to a transparent switch housing. These are a joy to type on and great for gaming too.

Divinikey Gateron Ink Switches V2 Review
Nathan M.
United States United States
Crazy smooth

I haven’t put these in a board yet, I bought them in a small pack of 10 along with 10 cherry hyperglide blacks and Durock T1’s. Sound far better than the T1’s and smoother than the Cherry’s. Torn between the thock of Cherry Hyperglides and unbelievable smoothness of these ones. Overall, a pretty bomb switch.

Luis S.
United States United States
Great first buy

I have enjoyed these switches a lot, I put them in my first custom keyboard and once I got them lubed they feel and sound great. I would highly recommend this to anyone who asks.

Keith J.
United States United States
They are good, but need 1 thing

The switches are really nice, however, the springs aren't good quality so I highly suggest you spring swap, especially on black inks, because they may be heavy to most people. However, just get some lube, and deskeys and your switches are smooth and thocky, the best of both worlds.