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Durock Black Lotus Linear Switches

8 reviews
18 Set

Durock Black Lotus Switches are Durock's introduction of a new line of switches with entirely new molds for the top housing, bottom housing, and stem. These new molds help to severely reduce the stem wobble as well as incorporate a new function of having a removable light column. This gives you the option to control if you'd like to have a light diffuser or not.

Durock Black Lotus Switches Feature:

  • 18 included in each pack
  • Linear
  • Top Housing: Modified PC & UPE Blend
  • Bottom Housing: Nylon
  • Stem: Modified POM, Long
  • Removable Light Column
  • Pre-Travel: 2mm
  • Total Travel: 4mm
  • Actuation: 55g
  • Bottom-Out: 63.5g
  • 5-Pin, PCB Mount
  • MX Structure
  • Lubed
  • Price: $0.56 per switch

New Mold Qualities:

  • Pole bottom-out stem and still able to maintain a standard 4mm total travel
  • Removable light column
  • Reduced stem wobble


  • 18 Durock Black Lotus Switches
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United States United States

These are them!

I was excited to try these out, get them all lubed and maybe spring swapped which is kinda annoying. Then I opened them up, tested a few and opened them to see why they were so smooth and they are PERFECTLY factory lubed. Like these do NOT benefit from 205g0 in my opinion. The lube is perfectly applied, though it is the typical thin grease most pre-lubed switches come with; it's perfectly applied and honestly I cannot tell the difference between the ones I hand lubed with Krytox and these. They have a really nice muted sound I would compare to Inks, but a bit deeper. The keypress is smooth, probably the smoothest JWK/Durock switch I have ever used. The leaf/spring ping or rattle that has been plaguing this manufacturer is completely gone with my batch of 72. These new molds are insane quality and the price is also incredibly fair for what you're getting here.

Clayton S.
United States United States

Title of Review? Why would I want to title my review?

No complaints with these, they have very little keycap wobble, almost none. Smooth and quiet and everything fits nice and tight. I don't feel the need to lube or film these. I have only tried a few different brands of switches (epomaker, akko, gateron), but these are easily better quality than all of them.

Divinikey Durock Black Lotus Linear Switches Review
United States United States

A Great Switch

Not to be a contrarian to the popular review here, but I did not enjoy these switches as much as I had hoped out of the box. I bought a batch of switches to test for the first time, including Tangerines, WS Morandis, Oil Kings, and these. The Morandi and Oil Kings blew these and the Tangerines out of the water. That being said, after I took the time to hand lube the Black Lotuses and the Tangerines with Krytox 205G0, they easily outclassed Oil Kings and Morandi switches in my opinion. It was night and day difference between the stock lubing and hand lubing. I experienced spring rattling and a scratchier sound with the stock Black Lotus that the Krytox completely fixed. These have easily become my favorite switches, I agree with completely with the third paragraph of Travis' review. I would say it is definitely worth the extra effort to lube - if you don't want to do that (which is valid, it takes a while), I would suggest choosing something more similar to Oil Kings or Morandi switches - both of which I have found to be great options.

Mason T.
United States United States

These are the bee's knees

These switches are mounted on a Space65 r3 board, f4r plate. Smooth linear out of the box with a full-bodied sound and pleasant bottom-out feeling. They're a joy to type on. If you like owl labs 'neon' switches or gateron 'oil kings,' you'll love em.

mason t.
United States United States

Love these switches

Have these mounted on a space65 r3 with f4r plate. Love them. Smooth out of the box with full sound profile. If you like oil kings, imo these are bee’s knees. Ps - also a shout out to Divinikey. You all are totes on the ball processing and shipping ordere.

Divinikey Durock Black Lotus Linear Switches Review