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_bvn x lawn Plate Support Forks


Plate Support Forks help to more easily install switches onto the plate and PCB. It accomplishes by supporting the PCB and Plate during switch installation so that the switch can be adequately mounted onto the plate and connected to the PCB.

Plate Support Fork Features:

  • Process: 3D Printed
  • Material: Fusion Filament Carbon Rod Black ABS Printed on Vorons
  • Printed by: _bvn x lawn
  • Thickness: 3.25mm


  • 1 Plate Support Fork

Note: This is a 3D printed item. All parts are printed using high quality ABS. The specific ABS that is used will have a matte black appearance. The process introduces small variations and minor imperfections in the surface of the object. These small nuances will not affect the product's performance.