Durock Linear Switches

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JWK Durock Linear Switches feature smokey clear housings with stem colors indicating their spring weight. Utilizing a polycarbonate top housing, nylon bottom housing, and POM stem, these switches are great options for a readily-available linear. Also known as the Durock L7 and L2 switches.

Durock Linear Switches Feature:

  • 10 included in each pack
  • Linear
  • MX Switch
  • 5 Pin
  • Linear Method: Gold-plated Metal Leaf
  • Gold-plated Spring
  • Polycarbonate Top Housing
  • Nylon PA Bottom Housing
  • POM Stem
  • Housing: Smokey Clear
  • Factory Pre-Lubed
  • Black
    • Bottom Out: 78g
  • Purple
    • Bottom Out: 67g
  • Pink
    • Bottom Out: 65g
  • Teal
    • Bottom Out: 62g
  • Yellow
    • Bottom Out: 55g


  • 10 Durock Linear Switches
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Joe R.
United States United States

just recolored alpacas with different weights

Really smooth switches stock and even better when filmed and lubed. These are essentially alpacas with different spring weights witch is good because these are actually in stock and ship quickly. These switches are smooth enough to be used stock but the sound isn't that good but after being lubed and filmed they have a very nice thock. Smoothness comparable to gateron inks. I would highly recommend these switches especially considering there relatively low price tag.

Daniel K.
United States United States

Best In-Stock Linear

One of the best in-stock linear switches at a great price. Basically a recolored Alpaca switch but in stock so you don't have to pay insane resale prices. Shipping was fast~

United States United States

Don't listen to Joe R. These are not recolored Alpacas.

I have a lot of JWK and Durock switches and transparent or smokey semi-transparent switches do not sound the same as opaque switches. I currently have about 59 different switches: Closest switch to an Alpaca are NK Silk Yellows, Mauves... still waiting on other JWK opaque switches to compare. These Durock switches sound good though, but please stop claiming that they are recolored Alpacas. I get it that you missed out on the GB or the sale on Alpacas, Mauves, etc, and want something similar, but these aren't it!

Hyunjay C.
United States United States

Pretty Good Switch for the Price

Factory lube is not that consistent, unfortunately. Still, the switches sound great stock, with a nice high pitch and minimal spring ping compared to other switches like Cherries. Obviously, lubing them yourself gives best results. Go figure. However, I have to say, the packaging is problematic. Divinikey just shoves them all in a bag, and ships it to you with no cushioning. As a result, several of the switches came with bent pins, some of which were extremely hard to fix. Thankfully, I still had enough switches to put in my keyboard without having to fix any, but it was a slight inconvenience.

Dennis L.
United States United States

Switches Feel Ok… BUT

The packaging of the switches needs to be changed a little bit. Out of the 70 switches I ordered, at least 20 of them had bent pins. Fortunately I was able to bend them back. One of them was twisted almost 180 degrees and folded (surprised I saved that one). I get that it happens, but it just adds time onto the long process of preparing the switches (lube, film, etc). Not a huge deal, but stuffed into a bag and then a small box to get thrown around by the postal service is not going to go well. Switches themselves are smooth, great value for what you get.

Divinikey Durock Linear Switches ReviewDivinikey Durock Linear Switches Review