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Novelkeys Cream Linear Switches

24 reviews

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NK Cream Switches are manufactured by Kailh to produce an innovative linear switch. This is Kailh's debut into an MX-style housing and to top it off, the NK Creams feature self-lubricating POM for both housing and stem.

Cream Switches Feature:

  • 18 included in each pack
  • Linear
  • MX-Style Housing Latching
  • Self-Lubricating POM Housing and Stem
  • Actuation: 55g
  • Bottom Out: 70g
  • Operating: 2mm
  • Travel: 4mm
  • Price: $0.65 per switch
  • Broken-In Switches
    • 500,000 Total Actuations
      • 400,000 On-center Actuations
      • 100,000 Off-center Actuations
    • Price: $0.85 per switch
    • Note: Broken-in switches will have reduced scratchiness but will not remove it 100%. Scratchiness may also vary due to variations from manufacturing.
    • Disclaimer: Sales on broken-in switches are final due to additional modifications.


    • 18 NK Cream Switches
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    Bradley L.
    United States United States

    Scratchy stock, but nice!

    Very scratchy stock, but I’m sure the scratch can be reduced greatly with break in and lubrication. Though they aren’t for me, the stems will surely be useful for frankenswitches!

    Osiel S.
    United States United States

    While they sound soothing, they aren't as smooth as you'd expect.

    These have a very specific sound that makes them thick and feel like they have volume (best way I can describe it). Although, compared to other linear switches, I'd expect them to be much smoother for the price. Even with lube, these are less smooth than Gat Yellows, Durock L7, and Durock POMS. Unless you need the specific sounds, I'd recommend Durock POMS since they're relatively similar in price and are by far the smoothest switches I've ever felt.

    Juan L.
    United States United States

    Great switch when broken in and lubed.

    Creams are some of the very few switches that I just can never have enough of! Great sound that never gets old.

    Jacob F.
    United States United States


    Good, but 1 switch missing

    Subhanshu P.
    United States United States

    Reassess Your Previous Assumptions.

    I know the memes of NK Creams span far and wide. The switch that's scratchy stock and scratchy even when lubed. The switch that needs to be broken in with 400k actuations before it's "usable". There's no denying that this switch is hard to use stock. It has leaf ping, spring crunch, and it is undeniably scratchy stock. It's not as scratchy as you'd think. I haven't personally used any creams from before 2021, so maybe things used to be worse. But comparing the scratchiness to other comtemporary linears without factory lubing, they're not really any scratchier. I also can't speak for the lubed experience without a breakin period. However, my method of breaking in these switches unlubed was just putting a batch in a hotswap board for 2 weeks, which is certainly not the most even way to break in the switches. However, after lubing the stems and springs (swapped to 63.5g slow springs), these switches SLAP. There's that solid and legendary bottoming out feel that's sharp and precise, derived mainly from the long-pole stem. The switch also has a more solid topping-out sound than the polycarb-topped JWK switches. They're not the absolute smoothest lubed linear I've used, and part of that experience might be attributed to lubing just the stems. I've transitioned to lubing just stems these days, as I feel that lubing the bottom housing AND stem not only leaves a slightly mushy feeling, but it also tends to mute the unique sound characteristics of a switch. These definitely don't feel as smooth as the Black Inks v2 and Lavenders that I have, but that difference in smoothness is only noticeable to me in daily typing if I deliberately type slowly. That being said, these switches are LOUD. After lubing, they have a clean sound, with a solid bottom-out and top-out. But they are seriously loud. I wish I had a way of measuring the volume difference between these and Gat Black Inks, but it's extremely noticeable. If you want a more muted, quieter sound, these aren't for you. Overall, these switches have more or less surpassed the scratchy stereotype surrounding them. 65c per switch is still a mid-high range switch price these days, and if you're looking for a solid stock switch experience, these certainly aren't for you. Gat Oil Kings would serve you much better. But if you want a solid sounding switch with an incredible bottom-out feel, and you're open to lubing your switches, it's hard to go wrong with these. (I found the stock spring a bit weighty for my taste, so I did swap the springs to 63.5g slow springs.)