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Gateron CJ Linear Switches

28 reviews
18 Set

Gateron CJ Switches are short for 'ChinaJoy' switches which reference the digital entertainment expo. Coming in as a linear switch, the Gateron CJ switches feature Gateron's entry into utilizing POM housing. This, combined with its INK top housing, creates a surprisingly smooth switch.

Gateron CJ Switches Features:

  • 18 included in each pack
  • Linear
  • Top Housing: INK Material
  • Bottom Housing: POM
  • Stem: POM
  • Actuation: 50g
  • Bottom Out: 60g
  • Operating Travel: 2.0mm
  • Total Travel: 4.0mm
  • 5-Pin, PCB Mount
  • Unlubed
  • Price: $0.60 per switch


  • 18 Gateron CJ Switches
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Krysthian V.
United States United States

Amazing and smooth!

Really surprised by how smooth the switch at stock. I'm enjoying the light springs too and how comfortable it is when typing. I came from Durock Poms and sound is a bit different. It's a little high pitch but I'm not bothered by it.

Jason D.
United States United States


Slide into your bottom housing smoother than you slid into her DMs. Slide like the penguin in Fight Club. So smooth. So thock. Seven switches down. Approximately ten thousand left to try. (Lubed with 205g0, obvs)

George S.
United States United States

The smoothest stock switch out there

If you're too lazy spending hours on lubing/filming switches, this is the switch for you. Comes ready to go out of the box. The housing is tight enough to not use films but if you really want to add them for a more secure stem I suggest durock films because they are 0.15mm thick compared to deskeys which are 0.2mm. Beware that the spring (50g actuation, 60g bottom out) might feel too light for some people that are used to heavier ones. Its really easy to press down but the upstrokes felt slow. This led to a slower typing experience so I opted to buy some multistage 63.5g springs to fix this and now its perfect, for me at least. Overall, this switch is one of the best to come out recently being silky smooth to type on and the fairly cheap price. Only downside for me personally was the light spring which was fixed easily by getting heavier ones.

United States United States

The underdog

These are the best switches available, IMO. The smoothness is unmatched, what's a tangie? Old news; tangies USED TO BE the smoothness king, not anymore. They sound terrible and are less smooth than the Gateron CJ. Honestly, these CJ's are incredible, the sound signature is the perfect balance between the clacky creams and more muted ink blacks. They take to lube well, but are completely useable in their stock form. The tolerances are great, they do not require films and that saves time and money! The only gripe or negative about these are the stock springs, for an endgame switch, the springs ****. But who cares, we all know we change the springs anyways based on our preference.

Duy N.
United States United States

Great in stock form!

If you don't want to lube your switches, these are one of the switches I would recommend. Silky smooth out of the bag with minimal to no spring crunch. The sound profile in stock form is very unique. It's high pitched with sort of a hollow quality to it. The sound signature changed drastically after lubing though, more so than any other switch I've lubed. They now have a significantly deeper tone with a fuller sound. I used 205g0 and Trybosis 3204 on different switches for testing and they both worked really well.