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GoPolar Azure Dragon V3 Tactile Switches

17 reviews
18 Set

Azure Dragon V3 Switches are tactile switches with a medium-strong tactility. Manufactured by Gateron, these switches feature an improved KS-9 mold and POM stem for a smooth keypress into a firm bottom out.

GoPolar Azure Dragon V3 Switches Feature:

  • 18 included in each pack
  • Tactile
  • Manufactured by Gateron
  • Top Housing: Polycarbonate, Lens Mold (Pantone 291C Transparent)
  • Bottom Housing: POM (Pantone XG Violet C)
  • Stem: POM (Pantone 7471C)
  • Spring: 18mm Two-Stage
  • Operating Force: 63g
  • Bottom Out Force: 67g
  • 5-Pin, PCB Mount
  • Lubed
  • Price: $0.65 per switch

V3 Changes:

  • Condenser light effection structure has a new frosted, light-guided surface to make the backlight brighter and more consistent
  • Pins are made made more stable by implementing a triple-layer structure while still being compatible with hot-swap sockets


  • 18 GoPolar Azure Dragon Switches
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United States United States

The best switches I have ever tried out of hundreds

They feel amazing. They pop clack and pack a large sound. They sound unique for sure. Boba U4T are deeper but the feel is trash compared to these, it just feels as you would hope a tactile always would feel. This is the new standard.

Jonathan M.
United States United States

So good

Bought a few, tried them. Bought enough for 3 more boards. Highly recommend.

Felix D.
United States United States

I love these switches

These are great switches if you're looking for something with medium tactility and a nice voice, this is the switch for you. I have it in an unmodded IK75 and it has a bit more clack than thock, it's still nice and vibrant without being too loud. It's probably still best to not use it in a quiet office but if you're at a place where there's a lot of other noise, it'll probably pass. It feels nice to type on, giving you a nice feedback without tiring your fingers (at least mine) - I've been using it for work for at least 2 days straight. I'll have to try it on my other boards to see how it sounds but for now it's gonna stay on this one and be my new daily driver.

United States United States

Excellent tactile

Probably Gateron's best tactile switch. It's got a long pole for short travel and extra clackiness. It's smooth and well-balanced, has good tolerances, and makes a nice clean clack. Tactility is pretty strong, traditionally speaking - though there are plenty stronger out there if that's your thing. What stands out about this switch is its quality and execution; there aren't many tactiles of this strength that are put-together as well as this one is - highly recommended.

Bek B.
United States United States

Non Comprehensive Review From Stock Enthusiast

Using these switches stock and never lubed any switches before. I tried these, Boba u4t's, and Neopolitan Ice Cream switches. Love the feel, just a light, snappy, smooth tactile. They seem to be on the louder and clacky side, don't care too much for sound. Regardless of this, they don't sound bad either. Personally will take these over u4t's but comparing them to Neopolitan Ice Cream Switches, will say they are very similar. The main difference being that the Ice Cream Switches are a bit heavier and perhaps a smidgen smoother but not anything crazy. I play a rhythm game called Osu! and because I prefer lighter switches, I will take these over the Neopolitan Ice Creams for the game and would say try the Ice Creams if you want the overall more refined sounding switch. Can't go wrong with either though, both stock!