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Durock Shrimp Silent Tactile Switches

14 reviews
18 Set

Durock Shrimps Switches are the silent versions of the popular T1 switches. Featuring a turquoise housing and white stem, these Silent T1 switches uses Durock's unique silent method to get that T1 tactility with a significant reduction in sound.

Durock Silent T1 Switches Feature:

  • 18 included in each pack
  • Silent Tactile
  • MX Switch
  • 5-Pin
  • Bottom Out: 67g
  • Operating: 2mm
  • Travel: 4mm
  • Gold-Plated Spring
  • Polycarbonate Top Housing
  • Polymer Nylon Bottom Housing
  • POM Stem with Silicone Silent Circle
  • Pre-Lubed
  • Price: ~$0.70 per switch


  • 18 Durock Shrimp Switches
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United States United States

What have you been missing?

Ok, so I’ve been in the hobby a little over a year, so I’ve tried quite a few switches. I’m not so much a tactile fan but I did enjoy using T1s so I gave these a try. I need to stress this, I am super sensitive to annoying noises like ping, out of the box, no ping at all. These JWK switches DO NOT need films for the first time ever!!! That’s amazing. Anyways, I’ll just stop here and say these are better than Boba U4S, not by much but still noticeable. I lube every switch and spring and film every switch that benefits from them and here is my final verdict. I use these switches STOCK. I tried the works, sure it sounded a bit better with a thicker lube but it felt worse. IMO these are one of the tactile switches, and the BEST silent tactile by a long shot.

Toshi Y.
United States United States

Great silent tactile see switch at stock

Having used Silent Cherry Reds, Tealios, Zealios, Durock T1s, and Durock Purple T1s, using these is a joy. Haven't found a need to open them up and lube them as they are lightly factory lubed which is nice. Keys don't sound scratchy at all for me. Thanks to the silent nature it has less ping sound on the way back up which is perfect for me and what I wanted. The keys sound a little deeper. I have noticed that these have much less key wobble and seem to fit better in my hotswap keyboard (the T1 purples and og T1s were sometimes loose, so it's probably the Pom stem with the silent silicone helping here) Overall if you want a solid silent key that still has the tactility response, these are your ticket.

Toshi Y.
United States United States

Lubing + spring swapping these is fantastic.

These switches are fantastic at stock. Good response and the push back from the 67 g spring is nice. There is a slight ping and minor scratchiness to them but nothing that wouldn't be bothersome to listen to. Lubing them however is absolutely amazing. Switching these down into 62 g springs and lubing them with some Tribosys 3203 produces a well muted switch that still has the amazing tactile bump that I love. The key feels softer to push down past the initial bump which is great because I still end up bottoming out the switch. I used them for about 2 weeks stock prior to lubing them and the difference is drastic to me in a hallow plastic keyboard (Epomaker KT870)

Mikey S.
United States United States

Cons: not as tasty as name would suggest. Pros: literally everything else.

I am not as practiced and experienced with switches as the other reviewers for this product, but even I can appreciate the difference with this switch. It just feels like a higher caliber compared to everything else. I enjoy tactile switches in general, having used Cherry Browns and Cherry Clears for a while, but wanted something quieter for use in a shared office. I tried three kinds of silent tactile switches: Zeal Aqua Zilent 62g Zeal Zilent V2 67g Durock Silent Shrimp Bruh. I can't even say it was a tough decision, the Shrimps are just the best thing to happen to my fingers. (The worst thing was trying to learn knife tricks.) Not only are they dead quiet, they feel better than anything else I've typed on. Having claim to both of those qualities shouldn't be possible, but the Shrimps do. I didn't even do anything special like lubing/filming. I just popped them in and ascended to a higher plane of existence. Well worth the price, 10/10.

Kristin G.
United States United States

So satisfying

I purchased these to replace my beloved blue clicky switches after being banished to another room at work. I love that these still provide the tactile feel I love. I’m so glad I got these!