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A Buyer’s Guide for Custom Mechanical Keyboards

In the vast world of custom mechanical keyboards, we understand how overwhelming getting started may be. This guide will break down the critical components that you need to get started in an easy-to-understand infographic and includes quick-shopping links under our recommended starting points section.

Recommended Starting Point

These are starting points that we recommend from our store. Each percentage below indicates what layout of keyboard you can select.
We have selected the two most popular switch types linear (straight up and down motion) and tactile (physical feedback during keystroke) for each build.
Clicking any of the links will generate a purchasable cart for your convenience. Please keep in mind that you will still need to select a keycap set.

Recommended Add-ons

For the best results in performance and ease-of-use, we recommend these additional add-ons.
Not all of these add-ons are completely necessary but are highly recommended.
Required Components Checklist