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09.14.22 Update

Carl Cabrera |

Please see the list below for our updated inventory schedule.

Restocked 9/13/2022
Purpolch: 40's Kit
WoB: Base Kit, 40's Kit
Spark: Spacebar Kit
Neon: Base Kit, 40's Kit, Red Spacebar Kit, Green Spacebar Kit, Blue Spacebar Kit

Q5 Barebone Kit: Silver Grey, Carbon Black
Q6 Barebone Kit: Silver Grey
Q2 Barebone Kit: Silver Grey
Q2 Barebone Knob Kit: Carbon Black
Q4 Barebone Kit: Carbon Black
Q2 Plate: Aluminum
Q0 Plate: Aluminum
Q3 Plate: FR4
Q1 Plate: PC

Retro 80's Keycap Set: Journey, Computer System
Tiger 80 TKL: Black, Silver, Deep Space

Cherry America
MX Black: PCB Mount, Plate Mount Switches

Semi-silent Linear Switches
T1 Tactile Switches
POM "Piano" Linear Switches
Dolphin Silent Linear Switches
Shrimp Silent Tactile Switches

Restocked 9/12/2022
GPL 105
XHT-BDZ g1.5
205g0: 5ml, 8ml

Arrived, Checking-In
V4 Barebone Kit: Frosted Black, Black

KS-3 Milky Yellow Pro
Ink V2: Black
Oil King
KS-9 Pro: Silver, Brown

TX Keyboards KR
Short Spring: 62g
Med Spring: 55g, 60g, 62g
Long Spring: 57g, 60g, 62g, 65g, 67g, 70g
XL Spring: 55g, 60g
TX Film 0.15mm: Clear, White, Black, Orange, Green, Purple, Pink
TX Stabilizer: Black 1.6mm 2Ux3, Black 1.2mm 2Ux3, White 1.2mm 2Ux3

PBTfans (should be available soon, start signing up for notifications if you're looking for these!)
Twist: Base Kit, Triple Shot Base, Numpad, Spacebar, 40's Kit

On Order, Pending Fulfillment
AEBoards - no ETA
Full Restock

SPRiT Designs
General Restock

Zeal Generation
Zealios V2: 62g, 65g
Tealios V2: 67g

Tiger 80: Acrylic, Dark Blue, Burgundy, Gray, Light Purple - no ETA,
Tiger 80 Lite: ALL colors - sometime in September, no shipping confirmation on these yet.

Lubricant Brushes

SP Star
Meteor White Linear Switches

Hotswap Sockets: 7305 Gold, 3305-1 Tin, 3305-0 Tin, 0305 Tin

MX Slow Extreme 4: 55g, 60g, 63.5g, 65g, 68g
MX Slow Extreme 5: 55g, 60g, 63.5g, 65g, 68g

General Restock

Super x Gloss Keycap Set: Printed Clear, Printed Black, Blank Clear

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