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09.28.2022 Inventory Update

Carl Cabrera |

Please see the list below for our updated inventory schedule:

The following products will be going live today, September 28, 2022 11:00 AM

Ice Cream Tester Switch Pack

TKC x Dune Haggar AnnarKey Deskmats: Gardient Line, Sweet Treats, Candy Mountain, Jackolantern Weather

Restocked 9/28/2022
Wuque Studio
MM Switch Bottom Housing: Nylon, UHMWPE, POM
MM Switch Stems: POM, LY, UPE, P3
MM Switch Top Housings: UHMWPE, Nylon, POM
Silicone Lube Station

KS-3 Milky Yellow Pro Linear
Ink V2: Black Linear
Oil King Linear Switch
Cap V2 Milky Yellow Linear
KS-9 Pro 2.0: Yellow Linear
CJ Linear Switch

Sapphire V2 Tactile
Ice Candy Linear
Diamond Linear
Purple Panda Tactile

Deskeys V2 Switch Film

Crystal SuperX Keycap Set: Printed/Black, Printed/Clear, Blank/Clear

Owlstab V2 (PRICE REDUCTION): 80% -> $15, 100% -> $20

Neon Switch
QK65 Keycaps

Jelly Black Linear Switches
Matcha Green Linear Switches
Cream Yellow Switch
Cream Blue Switch
POM Brown Tactile Switch
POM Pink Linear Switch
POM Silver Linear Switch
Lavender Purple Switch
Silver Linear Switch

Q0 QMK Numpad Carbon Black, Navy Blue
Q2 QMK 65% Keyboard Barebone: Carbon Black
Q2 QMK 65% Keyboard Barebone Knob: Carbon Black, Navy Blue
Q4 QMK 60% Keyboard Carbon Black
Q5 QMK 96% Keyboard Barebone: Carbon Black, Navy Blue
Q5 QMK 96% Keyboard Barebone Knob: Carbon Black, Navy Blue
Q6 QMK Full Keyboard Barebone: Carbon Black, Navy Blue, Silver Grey
Q6 QMK Full Keyboard Barebone Knob:Carbon Black, Navy Blue, Silver Grey
Q8 QMK Alice Keyboard Barebone Knob: Carbon Black, Navy Blue
Q0 Plate: FR4
Q2 Plate: Aluminum, Brass, FR4, PC
Q3 Plate Barebone: FR4, PC
Q3 Plate Barebone Knob: Polycarbonate
Q5 Plate Barebone: Polycarbonate
Q5 Plate Barebone Knob / Brass
Q5 Plate Barebone Knob / Polycarbonate
Q6 Plate Barebone / Aluminum
Q6 Plate Barebone / Brass
Q6 Plate Barebone / Polycarbonate
Q6 Plate Barebone Knob / Brass
Q6 Plate Barebone Knob / FR4
Q6 Plate Barebone Knob / Polycarbonate
Q8 Plate Barebone / Polycarbonate
Q9 Keyboard Kit Barebone: Black, Grey, Blue
Q9 Keyboard Kit Barebone Knob: Black, Grey, Blue

eta 10/04
Tiger 80 Lite Keyboard - Transparent Purple, Transparent Green, Transparent Blue, PINK, Transparent Ink, Transparent White, Black, White
Tiger 80 TKL: Acrylic, Dark Blue, Burgundy, Gray, Light Purple, Black, Deep Space

Resonance: Base, Numpad, Spacebar, 40's
Purpolch: Numpad Kit
Neon Keycap Set: 40's Kit, Green Spacebar Kit
WoB: Numpad Kit, Simple Base Kit
Keycap Tray

Ordered, Pending Fulfillment
AEBoards - no ETA
Full Restock

TX Keyboards KR
TX Short Springs: 55g
TX XL Springs: 45g, 50g,57g, 62g, 65g, 80g, 85g, 90g
TX Short Springs: 45g, 75g, 90g
TX Medium Springs 57g
TX Long Springs 55g, 60g, 65g, 75g, 80g
TX Switch Films 0.15mm: White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Aqua
TX Switch Films 0.125mm: Clear, White, Pink
TX Stabilizer Tester Black 1.2T, White 1.6T
TX Stabilizers Rev 3 Alpaca: 2U Set / 1.2T, 2U Set / 1.6T
TX Stabilizers Rev 3 Alpaca: WK Set / 1.2T, WK Set/ 1.6T
TX Stabilizers Rev 3 Black: WKL Set / 1.2T
TX Stabilizers Rev 3 Cobalt: 2U Set / 1.2T, 2U Set / 1.6T, WK Set / 1.2T
TX Switch Puller: Black, Gray, White, Yellow
TX Stabilizers LONG POLE White: WK Set 1.6T, WKL Set 1.6T, 2U Set 1.6T, WK Set 1.2T, WKL Set 1.2T, 2U Set 1.2T
TX Stabilizers LONG POLE Beige/Orange: WK Set 1.6T, WKL Set 1.6T, 2U Set 1.6T, WK Set 1.2T, WKL Set 1.2T, 2U Set 1.2T

KBD67 Lite Bottom Silicone Pad Silicone
Tiger 80 TKL: Silver

Crosshair: Solid Alpha
Twist: Numpad, Spacebar
BoW: Base, Simple Base
PBTfans x BIIP Clear 2048
Classic Hangul: Base, Alt Alpha, Spacebars, 40s

SOTC Linear Switch


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