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Durock Light Tactile Switches

9 reviews
18 Set

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Durock Light Tactile Switches features a similar tactility to Cherry MX Brown but with a distinct unique feel. Coming in a burgundy red stem and Durock's signature smokey housing.

Durock Light Tactile Switches Features:

  • 18 included in each pack
  • Polycarbonate Top Housing
  • Nylon PA Bottom Housing
  • POM Stem
  • Tactile Method: Metal Leaf
  • Gold-Plated Spring
  • Pre-lubed with factory oil
  • Operating: 2.0mm
  • Travel: 4.0mm
  • Bottom Out: 67g
  • Available in: Burgundy
  • Price: $0.55 per switch


  • 18 Durock Light Tactile Switches
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Kan C.
United States United States

Fans of light tactiles have limited choice, but this is a solid one.

There was a GH thread for Oxblood tactiles, but it seems like JWK/Durock went ahead and started producing them as these. Apparently these also have the same stems as Pewters, but with the characteristic JWK POM stem instead of UHMWPE. Some stem wobble is present in the N/S direction, and only a bit in E/W. Acceptable. There's noticeable leaf ping, which is unfortunate, but at least it's not any worse than in other JWK tactiles. I'm giving 4/5 stars because someone apparently thought it'd be a good idea to put 67g springs and heavy lube in a light tactile, which results in a "gummy" feeling out of the bag. You'll definitely want to wipe off the oil and swap out the springs (45g short TX springs worked well for me), and they'll feel much better. It'd be cool if I didn't have to factor in the cost of aftermarket springs, though. I am curious how these compare with the new MX Brown using Cherry's hyperglide tooling. I'll predict that these will be the smoother option, but they're also a bit more expensive. Tl;dr: These are a solid option for those looking for a light tactile switch, even if they require some modification. I'll probably pick up more of these for a future build.

United States United States

A nice poppy experience

Been a big fan of Durock switches ever since I tried their linears, so I had to try these ones out. These switches are a much lighter tactile experience than the T1s or the Koalas, but that isn't a bad thing. In fact, I'd just call it different. Whereas the T1s and Koalas explode with tactility that simply cannot be ignored, these light tactile switches offer a subtle "pop" which is accentuated by the materials of the stem and the plastic. Essentially what an MX brown should be: a small reminder that you are actuating the switches.

United States United States

If browns were smooth (and better)

It's a great switch. Stock factory lube is good (a bit inconsistent, I recommend lubing). It is definitely a light tactile, but in my opinion it feels a hair more tactile than standard brown switches. It almost feels as if your fingertips are vibrating, but the tactility doesn't get in the way of the key press (like other D-shaped tactile switches). I've gone from T1, to Boba U4, then to these switches. I may just like these the most, but we'll see where my preference lies in a month. For now, I'm satisfied.

Samuel K.
United States United States

Became my new favorite -

I'll first preface that I didn't hate the Gateron Browns. I know, throw my carcass into the lava. That being said out of every tactile I've ever had, these are the perfect balance of almost a 'cushion' feel on the the downpress, but the spring is firm enough that it completes the cycle without having to apply a lot of force. Definitely will use these in a build again. Of course the lubing wasn't perfectly consistent, but I always lube myself anyway.

David R.

Solid light tactile, but a little scratchy

These have a very comfortable but still firm weight to them, which is great. Factory oil is very very thin. They are definitely on the scratchy side stock, and the springs are quite pingy, so some light lubing of springs and stems is highly recommended. Post-lube, they are wonderful and very deep sounding!