Durock Sunflower POM T1 Tactile Switches

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Type: Sunflower 67g

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JWK Durock Sunflower Switches, also referred to as POM T1 Switches, utilize the same proprietary POM blend as the Durock Piano Switches. The POM Linears were able to rival the Novelkeys Cream Switches and now Durock is taking it into the tactile space. With similar tactility to the popular T1 switches, the Durock Sunflowers is a must have for all tactile lovers.

Durock POM T1 Switches Feature:

  • 10 included in each pack
  • Full POM Housing
  • Mystery Material Stem
  • 5-Pins
  • Tactile Switch - T1 Tactility
  • 67g Spring
  • Travel: 4mm
  • Operating: 2mm
  • Pre-Lubed


  • 10 Durock Sunflower Switches