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Durock Sunflower POM T1 Tactile Switches

12 reviews
18 Set

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JWK Durock Sunflower Switches, also referred to as POM T1 Switches, utilize the same proprietary POM blend as the Durock Piano Switches. The POM Linears were able to rival the Novelkeys Cream Switches and now Durock is taking it into the tactile space. With similar tactility to the popular T1 switches, the Durock Sunflowers is a must have for all tactile lovers.

Durock POM T1 Switches Feature:

  • 18 included in each pack
  • Full POM Housing
  • Mystery Material Stem
  • 5-Pins
  • Tactile Switch - T1 Tactility
  • 67g Spring
  • Travel: 4mm
  • Operating: 2mm
  • Un-Lubed
  • Price: $0.70 per switch


  • 18 Durock Sunflower Switches
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United States United States

Great Tactiles

These tactiles are great as a first tactile. They have a strong bump, with virtually no pretravel. The only flaw is that the spring is pretty pingy stock, but a little lube can do that job. They are extremely smooth, and have a very tight housing. I love the sound on them and they are overall top tier.

United States United States

Gotta give it up to these switches

I have used various different switches from blues, to reds, to browns, milky black, and the latest was milky Gateron Yellows. I had noticed that my typing accuracy was seemingly not great with the Yellows. I would mistype a lot of letters. I also noticed that on my cheap Royal Kludge 65 board that has Gateron Browns, I was typing a lot better and the feeling when I typed just seemed... better, but the sound was not great, but they still felt better than my over $500 D65 setup, so it seemed like a tactile switch was the best thing I could do. I looked around a bit and ran across these switches here, the Sunflower Poms. On paper they sounded like they would match everything I needed: Tactile, stronger spring, and since they are POM, mayyybeee I wouldn't have to lube them since I absolutely dread that process, but for most stock switches it is needed. These things so far are my end game (for now). I haven't lubed them and nor do I plan to. I hope they only get better with time but the sound isn't too scratchy that it distracts me or anything like that. I love the tactile nature of these. They are a lot heavier in feel than the yellows, but I also am really heavy handed and i don't think this will be an issue for me. Would they be better if I spent the time to lube them? I'm sure they would be but I just honestly don't care enough to do so. There is a subtle scratchiness that i can hear, but just barely and no where near as bad as stock browns in any form. These are a great price compared to other tactile switches and I think I may have opened up a new can of worms for myself. They also shipped very fast!

Spacebar R.
United States United States

Sharp Tactility!

If you enjoy tactile switches then these are for you. More tactile than Holy Panda/Glorious Panda and Kiwi/T1. This does have a longer pole so it can be loud on the bottom out, but that is something that I quite like. These are one of my top 3 tactile switches at the moment. I'd like to see how these compare to Moyu Black or Everglide Dark Jade, but I haven't had the chance to try that switch.

Kevin D.
United States United States


Actually tactile, great with lube, my only qualm is it's a little louder than I expected

Johnny N.
United States United States

wanted to try out a different tactile

These switches were a nice change, switches are smooth. tactility upon arrival felt similar to my u4t's but less thocc, I added some deskeys switch films along with spirit springs 60g slow extreme II and lubed the switch a very thin layer of 205g, resulted in my opinion a creamy thocc. Happy with how it turned out.