Durock T1 Tactile Switches

$5.50 $6.50
Color: Smokey Clear

JWK Durock T1 Tactile Switches feature similar housing materials to their line of linear switches: polycarbonate top housing, nylon bottom, POM stem (with tactical bump). This switch is intended for users looking for a "stepped" tactile feel, opposed to the "rounded" tactility from Holy Pandas.

Durock T1 Switches Feature:

  • 10 included in each pack
  • Tactile
  • MX Switch
  • 5 Pin
  • Bottom Out: 67g
  • Operating: 2mm
  • Travel: 4mm
  • Tactile Method: Gold-plated Metal Leaf
  • Gold-plated Spring
  • Polycarbonate Top Housing
  • Nylon PA Bottom Housing
  • POM Stem
  • Factory Pre-Lubed
  • Available in: Smokey Clear Housing / Teal Stem


  • 10 Durock T1 Switches
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Christian R.
United States United States

Super tactile but not to much a nice balance

Carlos I.
United States United States
Lowkey Amazing Tactiles!

Really nice bump

Bohyon L.
United States United States
Decent Tactile for the Price

I bought these switches looking for a cheaper tactile to try. First, the tactile, these switches have a sharp (but not super strong) tactile bump. Meaning the drop in tactile is really fast. Although the peak of the tactility isn't very high. I have no complaints for the tactility as it's mostly preference. I like the sharp drop but I wish it were more tactile. (although this is up to preference. Now the sound, these are where the T1s drop off a bit. As a stock switch there is a lot audible scratch, no surprise. But when I lubed these with Tribosys 3204. They had a plasticky sound to it. Kind of like stock Gateron yellows. Furthermore on my batch there was a noticeable amount of leaf scratch even after lubing the stem legs and leaf. One of the switches I tested was so bad that I could hear a small click from the switch. So for sound I would definitely not rank this higher than some other switches. Although filming these switches does reduce the plasticky sound but not the leaf scratch, so I'd 100% recommend filming these. The spring of the switches is a nice weight at 67g and with almost no spring ping which is a plus. If you're looking for a switch with a good or deep sound these are not for you. Although I may have gotten a bad batch of these switches. With switches like the Gazzew Boba U4T and Akko CS Ocean Blue switches the competition for these switches is getting tougher as T1s filmed would cost the same amount as Gazzew U4T which don't need films, and the Ocean Blue switches are much cheaper than both at around 25 cents per switch which also don't need films. So if you're looking for a clean deep sound I would recommend the Gazzew U4T. If you're on a budget, Akko Ocean Blues. I'd mostly reccomend the T1s to people coming from Cherry/Ergo clears or something similar in tactility. Also please don't take all of my word for this. Switches are mostly preference and you're keyboard may change the feel and sound of the switches as well as the batch of switches you get.

Nick D.
United States United States
Pretty great tactile switches.

Currently my favorite tactile switch. Lubed with Krytox 205g0 and filmed with Deskeys and these things are just great.

United States United States

good switches woohooo yay nice