EnjoyPBT G81-SAV White & Gray Keycap Set Dye-Sub PBT

$104.95 $109.95
Size: G81-SAV

EnjoyPBT G81-SAV Keycap Set features a white base with gray accents, Russian legends and English side-print. It is also accompanied by additional yellow and red ESC, Enter, and spacebar keys that compliment the stoic design.

EPBT G81-SAV Keycap Set Features:

  • Russian Legends
  • English Side-Print
  • Dye-Sublimation
  • PBT Material
  • 162 Keys
  • 1.35mm Thickness
  • Chery Profile
  • MX Compatible


  • 1 EnjoyBPT G81-SAV Keycap Set