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Gateron Baby Kangaroo Tactile Switches

13 reviews
18 Set

Gateron Baby Kangaroo Switches provides a crisp tactile feel with tactility falling between a medium-strong bump. What sets this switch apart is the peak of the tactile bump can be felt just 0.5mm into the keypress which will have a longer tactile drop.

Gateron Baby Kangaroo Switches Feature:

  • 18 included in each pack
  • Tactile
  • Top Housing: Polycarbonate
  • Bottom Housing: Nylon PA66
  • Stem: POM
  • Pre-Travel: 2.0±0.5mm
  • Total Travel: 3.4mm
  • Operating Force: 59±8g
  • 5-Pin, PCB Mount
  • Lightly Lubed
  • $0.60 per switch


  • 18 Gateron Baby Kangaroo Switches
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Sophia D.
United States United States

Great sound but some are overlubed

I'm currently using these switches in my CannonKeys Bakeneko65 with a Aluminum plate, they feel pretty nice to type on and aren't too tactile or too light of a tactile, the sound is more on the clacky side and doesn't have any noticeable scratch but maybe a slight bit of spring ping or leaf ping, I can't tell but I noticed that a lot of my switches came overlubed and had a mushy bottom out because the lube was on the stem pole, I suggest never lubing inside the hole in the bottom housing or the stem pole, I had to open them up to remove the excess lube with a brush and a cloth. other than the overlubing they are great switches

Divinikey Gateron Baby Kangaroo Tactile Switches Review
Camron B.
United States United States

Best Tactile Switch for Typing AND Gaming

After trying over 20 different tactile switches, these are easily my favorite. The strong tactile bump right at the top is good for typing and eliminating accidental key presses in games, while the low bottom-out spring tension makes holding down keys (like W) during games less fatiguing than other tactile switches. They also sound the best IMO. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Jose R.
United States United States

What can I say - I'm addicted

Love these switches and love how quickly Divinikey gets them to me when I'm jonsing for them.

William M.
United States United States

Unironically converted me tactiles

I'd wager I've owned 20+ different switches since 2020. Probably unhealthy, but it's cheaper and probably less harmful than some other vices, so no regrets. The kicker? They were all linear except some Invyr Holy Pandas which ended up being too heavy for me. Great to type on for short periods though. Most of my builds ended up having 55g swapped MX Blacks and NKCreams, which were fantastic for gaming but I wanted a tactile I could also game on. A review on this website convinced me to try them, and I'll confirm gaming is great on these. Being new to tactiles, I'm not 100% sure but I think you'd call this a rounded bump? It's right at the top with a perfect post-travel. I seriously didn't notice the 3.5mm travel despite coming from 4.0mm Cherrys and NKs. It's perfect. As is the weighting, which was only a tiny adjustment more heavy from what were basically just fancy Gateron Red springs I'd been used to. Factory lube is pretty good, they sound perfectly passable stock despite me now recognizing some as overlubed (dampened bottom out compared to neighbors) on some. It's such a treat to not have to lube. My favorite part about these would be the weighting, tactility and accessibility (RGB friendly and not too heavy nor tactile). I'd call it a medium-strong bump. The naming is just weird enough to sound sketchy and just unique enough to catch the attention. I hope these sell, cause they seem to occupy a perfect middle ground for tactility that's not MX brown crack or unusable crater. I love these for gaming AND typing. If you've never tried dailying a tactile, try these.

Divinikey Gateron Baby Kangaroo Tactile Switches Review
United States United States

Amazing Switches - with one upgrade

These switches are soooo nice and comfortable to type on. The only thing is, they don’t sound as good as I’d want them to, and they’re pretty loud. I found that putting a gateron milky yellow pro top housing on this baby kangaroo switch, it makes the perfect milky sound and still feels as poppy and satisfying as it should.