Gateron Ink V2 Stabilizers Screw-In

$26.95 $27.95
Type: Standard Set

Gateron Ink V2 Stabilizers are constructed with the same material as their popular Ink Black Switches. Coming in a set including 4 2U stabilizer, 1 6.25U stabilizer, 1 7U wire, these stabilizers are PCB mount, screw-ins with a conscientious attention to quality.

Gateron Ink Stabilizers Feature:

  • Housing: Gateron Ink Black Material
  • Gold-Plated Wires and Screws
  • PCB-Mount, Screw-In
  • Set includes: 4 2U Stabilizers, 1 6.25U Stabilizer, 1 7U Stabilizer


  • 4 2U Stabilizer
  • 1 6.25U Stabilizer
  • 1 7U Wire