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Geon x Wolf Fly Daughterboard


Geon x Wolf Fly Daughterboard is a small form factor daughter board made in collaboration between Geon Works and Wolf. Designed as a replacement for the Unified Daughterboard without compromise.

Geon x Wolf Fly Daughter Board Features:

  • Molex Pico EZmate Connector
    • Female Connector Specs: Link
    • Male Connector Specs: Link
  • ESD chip with integrated bidirectional TVS diode for VBUS
  • Common mode filter for D+ and D-
  • RC Filter on Shield
  • 1A Trip Fuse
  • USB-C
  • EZmate to EZmate Cable
  • 3D File: Link



  • 1 Geon x Wolf Fly Daughterboard
  • 1 EZmate to EZmate Cable