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Haimu x Geon HG Black Linear Switches

6 reviews
18 Set

Haimu x Geon HG Black Switches are a collaboration between the two with manufacturing by Haimu and design by Geon. The HG Black Switches have a smooth typing experience with little need for additional modifications. It is also one of the first to utilize PTFE plastic as well as Korean KOS stainless steel springs which greatly reduces spring ping.

Haimu x Geon HG Black Switches Feature:

  • 18 included in each pack
  • Linear
  • Manufactured by Haimu
  • Top Housing: Nylon PA666
  • Bottom Housing: Nylon PA66
  • Stem: POM+PTFE
  • Total Travel: 3.5mm
  • Spring: KOS Stainless Steel, Single, 20mm, 65g
  • MX Structure
  • PCB Mount, 5-Pin
  • Lubed
  • Price: $0.30 per switch


  • 18 Haimu x Geon HG Black Switches
Customer Reviews
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Josue A.
United States United States

Surprise Sleeper Switches

I bought these on a whim, expecting them to be very much like many other black switches from other manufacturers out there. However, these are very, surprisingly smooth stock! These could be used in a board stock and anyone would and should be content. These do come factory lubed, however, I would recommend lubing these yourselves if you want to go that extra mile. Some switches have enough lube from the factory to spread it out, but not all. So just pick up your favorite lube and get to work on them if you want. Overall, definite recommend.

Azael Y.
United States United States

Excellent Budget Option

By far the best switches that I've tried. Sound excellent on every board that I've tried them on, in every configuration. Really good clacky switches, going from the traditional high pitched clack with foamless configurations and going to a deeper clack with fully foamed boards. Factory lubrication is excellent and I didn't feel the need to go over any switches with another coat of lube. Highly recommended, probably my favorite stock linear switch. Much prefer this to the likes of BSUN BCPs, Akko, and Wuque offerings. If you're looking for a nice tactile, the Haimu x Geon HG White Tactiles are an excellent switch that mirror these.

United States United States

Great Value

Very impressed by the smoothness and consistency of the factory lube. Picked out 2-3 switches out of 90 that were a little scratchy and needed some attention, left the rest alone. Hands down the best stock switches I've used at this price point.

United States United States

Good price, great sound

Every Haimu or Geon switch that I've purchased has been amazing stock, and these are no exception. You could choose to lube, but if not you'll still end up with an amazing sound signature. The long springs really help with the typing feel as this doesn't have a harsh bottom out like some long pole switches can have. In comparison to the Geon Yellows, the upstroke sound is more tame and the bottom out feels like a better version of the Black Ink V2's. Sounds awesome on a PC plate, so will be daily driving these with no mods for quite a while.

Darius T.
United States United States

Very good budget switch

These are my favorite budget linear. The stock experience is really good. With that said, I along with many people in this hobby have much too much time on my hands and hand lube every switch I buy. If you are the same, I would skip these as the factory lube job seems to be very inconsistent. When I open up a switch and see lube on the stem pole, it makes me upset. I would take a dry switch over a poor factory lube job any day of the week. I was able to hear absolutely zero ping in their stock form, and for most people that's good enough. But if you are looking for a cheap long pole that you plan to hand-lube, I recommend skipping these.