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Haimu x Geon HG Red Silent Linear Switches

5 reviews
18 Set

Haimu x Geon HG Red Switches are a collaboration between the two with manufacturing by Haimu and design by Geon. The HG Red Switches are silent linear switches with small cutouts in the top and bottom-out for a more muted typing experience. It is also one of the first to utilize PTFE plastic as well as Korean KOS stainless steel springs which greatly reduces spring ping.

Haimu x Geon HG Red Switches Feature:

  • 18 included in each pack
  • Silent Linear
  • Manufactured by Haimu
  • Top Housing: Nylon PA666
  • Bottom Housing: Nylon PA66
  • Stem: POM+PTFE
  • Total Travel: 4.0mm
  • Spring: KOS Stainless Steel, Single, 20mm, 65g
  • MX Structure
  • PCB Mount, 5-Pin
  • Lubed
  • Price: $0.32 per switch


  • 18 Haimu x Geon HG Red Switches
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Noah P.
United States United States

Fantastic silent switches

The HG Silent Reds are the same as Haimu Heartbeats but a different color and with a different name. Smoothness is about a 7 out of 10 - these are pretty smooth but not the smoothest. I feel no need to lube them myself and films are unnecessary. In terms of silence I can't think of anything that comes close. These switches are VERY quiet, even when typing hard and fast. Thankfully they don't have a cushioned or mushy bottom-out like some other silent switches. I highly recommend these switches!

United States United States

My new favorite silent switches

If you're looking for a silent switch that you can use stock without needing any mods, this is the one that you should buy if you prefer middle weight springs. No noticeable housing wobble with these switches at all, and I wouldn't even recommend lubing them as they're great for dampening sound right out of the box. There is just a little stem wobble, but it's not barely noticeable when typing and certainly not bad enough to deter my enjoyment. Happy to see these switches come with the full 4mm travel! Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a silent switch.

Maribel M.
United States United States

Work approved switches!

I built out a Keychron Q6 with these switches for work. Because it was for work my keyboard had to be silent, these are super quiet and still lovely to type on. Affordable, quiet all I could ask for. Recommended for sure.

David R.
United States United States

The only silent switch that matters

I bought these to put in a Keychron C2 for my wife to use in the office. Of the 108 I purchased only about 7 had bent pins. All were salvageable and only one was bent pretty bad. If you don't know, these are not like Cherry or Gateron silent switches in how they work. There's no silicone or rubber bushing in the bottom or top housing of these switches so on the bottom out you don't get that mushy feeling and the top out is more pronounced (feeling wise, not sound wise). These have legs, almost like non-clipped Cherry stabilizers do along with holes in the housing to reduce sound. Let me tell you, they are so quiet it's unbelievable. They don't have crunchy springs and are pretty smooth out the box. I didn't lube these and I wouldn't bother with lubing them since they come smooth enough IMO. Especially if this is going in a board for work. I HIGHLY recommend these for silent builds. I just dropped these in the board, no mods, no foams and the board was instantly in stealth mode. Haimu X Geon should've named these "Red Shinobi's", they're just that stealthy.

Kyle N.
United States United States

Great silence

Feel great and are silent as advertised. Highly recommend!