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JWK Bluey Linear Switches

1 review
18 Set

With the latest collaboration between JWK and Divinikey, JWK Bluey utilizes a full nylon housing, updated JWK P3 stem, and 58g long spring. Featuring a translucent blue housing, these switches provide a sleek look, unique acoustics, and have a satisfying bottom-out.

Release Info: September 13, 2022 11AM PDT

JWK Bluey Switches Feature:

  • 18 included in each pack
  • Linear
  • Collaboration with Divinikey
  • Top Housing: Nylon
  • Bottom Housing: Nylon
  • Stem: P3, Extended
  • Spring: 18.5mm Long, 58g
  • PCB Mount, 5-Pin
  • Lightly Lubed
  • Price: $0.60 per switch


  • 18 JWK Bluey Switches
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Jeff S.
United States

Pretty great

I've liked them a lot so far. I've used them at work today for the first time leaving them stock for now and they are interesting switches. They're high quality and well designed. The sound, the spring, and the smoothness are my favorite things about this switch. The sound is so solid and pleasant. I think I like it more than my L&F Alpacas. The spring is really great. It's the first super long spring I've tried and it's very different from what I'm used to but I like it for a few reasons. The long spring gives it a very bouncy return which at first I thought would tire my fingers out but when I'm typing it doesn't at all. In fact, it seems like it provides somewhat of a tactile feedback experience because I can tell that I've hit that key due to the bounce. I noticed my typing accuracy seems better than normal on these switches but that may be in my head. The bounce is also well balanced with the shorter travel from the long pole stem. At 58g I thought these would feel a lot lighter but because of the long spring and the noticeable upstroke, they end up feeling a tad heavier than 58. I have 60g multistage springs that feel lighter, which is interesting. I think it's the best spring I've ever tried. And not an iota of spring ping, completely stock. We've come a long way when you consider the price. The demand for buttery smooth switches right out of the box is satisfied with these I would say. They aren't perfectly smooth at first but after 10-20 keystrokes they start feeling like they've been lubed already. I don't think I will lube them because I can't imagine them getting much better. I might play with films later on though. The last comment I'd make about these switches is that there is more wobble than I would like. It's not terrible wobble but it's definitely got some wobble. So far it hasn't bothered me at all which wobble normally bothers me a lot but something about the springiness of the spring compensates for it a little bit. The keys don't really feel like they're moving around when my fingers are at rest. That's the only negative I've found so far. Overall, I'm really happy to have these. They're a pleasure to type on and compare to much higher priced switches right out of the box.