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JWK Jwick Linear Switches

33 reviews

Jwick Black Switches as well as the Ice White, Red, and Yellow are JWK's budget line of switches, bringing JWK quality switches at an affordable price. Jwick Blacks come with a full nylon PA66 housing material while the other three variations come in a polycarbonate top housing and nylon PA66 bottom housing.

JWK Jwick Switches Feature:

  • 18 Included in each pack
  • JWK
  • Linear Switches
  • MX-Style
  • 5-Pin PCB Mount
  • Light Factory Lube
  • Price: $0.23 per switch
  • Available In:
    • Ice White
      • Spring: 45g
      • Top Housing: Polycarbonate
      • Bottom Housing: Nylon PA66
      • Stem: POM
    • Black
      • Spring: 58.5g
      • Top Housing: Nylon PA66
      • Bottom Housing: Nylon PA66
      • Stem: POM
    • Red:
      • Spring: 62g
      • Top Housing: Polycarbonate
      • Bottom Housing: Nylon PA66
      • Stem: POM
    • Yellow
      • Spring: 65g
      • Top Housing: Polycarbonate
      • Bottom Housing: Nylon PA66
      • Stem: POM


  • 18 JWICK Switches
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Chris K.
United States United States

Great Starter Switch

I got the JWK Jwick Whites. Got these because my small collection of switches have spring weights ranging from 62g to 70g. They're awesome for the price. 3-Minute read. Sound: Preference / 5 The ones with Polycarbonate Tops ( White, Red, Yellow ) will definitely sound a bit higher pitched than the one with Nylon ( Black ). They have extended poles so expect a louder bottom out sound vs switches with standard length poles. Unlubed, the Jwick Whites can sound a little plasticky. Lubing them will lower the pitch ever so slightly. Nitpicks - Negligible spring ping. Leaf had some resonance, lube got rid of most of it, only happens when when pressing the switch fast and forcefully. Doesn't make this resonating sound when in regular use. Wobble: 4.5 / 5 Despite being on the cheaper end of the spectrum the tolerances on these are pretty damn good. Feel: 3.5 / 5 Stock 3 / 5 | Lubed 4 / 5 The factory application on the stock switches are pretty conservative, not much on the stem or the railings, but adequate on the leaf. If you've used smooth(er) expensive(r) linear switches like these JWK Alpacas / TKC Tangerines / Gateron CJs / Prevail Epsilons. You'll feel and hear the scratch unlubed. Lubed it'll feel smooth, but the scratch will still be audible when close to your ear. But nobody really types with their ears stuck to the keyboard do they? Price: 5 / 5 Have an itch to just lube switches without having a board to populate? Get these. Want some extra switches that are decently smooth and have great tolerances? Get these. Switch that won't break the bank? Get these.

Charles T.
United States United States

JWK linear

These switches are very smooth stock highly recommended

hezocy p.

To good, to by true.

very very clacky, unlubed

Chris C.
United States United States

Great alternative to Gateron Yellow Pro

Great hidden gem linear switch, very smooth, all work, only one had bent pins. These are a great budget alternative to Gateron Yellow pros if you don’t want to spend more than those but also want to learn how to lube and film since you don’t need to do that on the pre lubed Gats. They have a bit quieter, higher pitch poppy sound kinda like Alpacas compared to the more thock clack of the Gats which might be better for someone who wants to type and game but sound is a preference and I like either- the poppy sound is nice when typing :) I lined and filmed mine with 0.2mm which might have been a bit too thick but oh well. They are RGB compatible but do not have cutouts so they diffuse and soften/evenly spread the light very slightly because of the milky bottoms but almost no difference compared to stock browns with cutout. Very fast shipping during the holidays, thanks again!

Divinikey JWK Jwick Linear Switches Review
Austin L.
United States United States


Amazing switch for the price and fast shipping as always from Dk. Love this company