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Keykobo x Geon Gigachad / Gigachild Extension Kit


Keykobo Gigachad and Gigachild Keycaps are extension kits for Shift, Alt, Control, Code and Fn keys in multiple colorways and Tsangan layout. Designed to aesthetically fit and personalize a wide range of keycap sets.

Keykobo Gigachad / Gigachild Extension Kit Features:

  • Cherry Profile
  • Manufactured by Keykobo
  • Designed by Geon x ankit
  • Tsangan Layout
  • ABS Material
  • Doubleshot
  • Gigachad
    • Includes: CMYK, CMYW, RGBYK, RGBYW, Dark RGBYW, Mint Dolch
  • Gigachild
    • Includes: Black RGBY, White RGBY


  • 1 Keykobo Gigachad or Gigachild Extension Kit