Koala Tactile Switches

$5.50 $6.50

Durock Koala Tactile Switches feature similar housing materials to their line of linear switches: polycarbonate top housing, nylon bottom, POM stem (with tactile bump). This switch is intended for users looking for a "stepped" tactile feel, opposed to the "rounded" tactility from Holy Pandas.

Koala Switches Feature:

  • 10 included in each pack
  • Tactile
  • MX Switch
  • 5 Pin
  • Bottom Out
    • 62g
    • 67g
  • Operating: 2mm
  • Travel: 4mm
  • Tactile Method: Gold-plated Metal Leaf
  • Gold-plated Spring
  • Polycarbonate Top Housing
  • Nylon PA Bottom Housing
  • POM Stem
  • Factory Pre-Lubed


  • 10 Koala Switches
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Albert L.
United States United States
Similar Switch to the T1 Tactile, but bad Q/C

I order a fair amount to fill my keyboard up as I like the Thock sound of the switches. Out of all the keys, roughly 10 of them are faulty to me. Some keys may not register, while some others may actuate by lightly pressing the switch without feeling the pump. Id pass on it and go with the T1 for better quality switches.

United States United States
Good sound and feel, awful quality control

I ordered about 90 of these for my board and was shocked to see that over 20 of them had had chatter and would actuate without me even pressing down on the switch. I liked the feel of them but the inconvenience had override that by a mile. Never ordering these again and hope that these issues can get fixed for future customers thinking of buying these switches.

Osiel S.
United States United States
Great switches, just some bad luck.

Switches are great, sharp tactility with basically no pretravel and great springs. Pre-lubing is actually decent compared to other switches and they look appealing. I got one switch that had a weird housing that would make it activate without pushing down on the switch. Maybe the leaf was warped or something but it seemed fine to me. Idk just a little unlucky I guess.

United States United States
they're okay. scratchy/leaf ping?

they are very tactile, almost too tactile, but the ones i have are strangely scratchy sounding in comparison to a good number of tactile switches i own. i don't know if this amount of scratch is normal. even after lubing and spring swapping, these switches are very noticeably scratchy and it honestly has me a bit confused. from other reviews it does seem that this might be a normal thing for these switches so i won't subtract any additional stars.

Jeff Y.
United States United States
Koala 67g - Great tactile switches

Very impressive switch that comes prelubed. The sound and feel is pretty decent stock. After I lubed them with 205g0 (avoiding the leg of the stem), and filmed them with Durock film. They are now one of my favorite switches to type on. The tactility of these switches are great, and all the leaf ping is unnoticeable. And as always, Divinikey shipping was fast and the packing was good.