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Monsgeek M5 Full Keyboard


Monsgeek M5 Keyboard is a 100%, full-sized custom mechanical keyboard for a feature-rich design. Suitable for users who need a fully functional keyboard with a numpad for productivity.

Monsgeek M5 Custom Keyboard Features:

  • 100%, Full-sized Layout
  • Gasket Mount
  • Components:
    • Aluminum Case
    • Polycarbonate Plate
    • Hotswap PCB, 1.6mm
    • Screw-in Stabilizers (not pre-installed)
    • Plate Foam (Monsgeek Custom Material)
    • Case Foam (Monsgeek Custom Material)
    • IXPE Switch Pad
    • Tape Mod (not pre-installed)
    • Teflon Force Break Mod Stripes (not pre-installed)
  • Coiled USB-C Cable
  • South-Facing RGB
  • VIA/QMK Support
  • Size: 44.6cm x 14.6cm x 3.3cm / 17.56in x 5.75in x 1.30in
  • Barebone Weight: ~2500g / 5.51lb
  • Available in:
    • Black, Purple,Silver


  • 1 Monsgeek M5 Mechanical Keyboard