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MW Kawaii Voltage Keycap Set Dye-Sub PBT


MW Kawaii Voltage Keycaps is a colorful, vibrant set that takes inspiration from the designer's favorite legend which is noted in the color profile as well as novelties.


I'm a huge player of Apex Legends, and it just so happens that the Legends I like to play the most is Watson.
Of all the skins of Watson, I like this one the most because the color scheme is not colorful and pleasing to my mood. But the color scheme is very much in line with the color trend of y2k style, which is also a style that I like very much.

MW Kawaii Voltage Keycap Set Features:

  • Cherry Profile
  • Manufactured by Milkyway Keys
  • Designed by fannie
  • PBT Material
  • Dye Sublimation
  • MX Compatible


  • 1 MW Kawaii Voltage Keycaps