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SP-Star Marble Soda Linear Switches


SP-Star Marble Soda Switches is a collaboration between The Key Dot Co and SP-Star with colorways to match the refreshing carbonated beverage known as marble soda. With two different housing materials to offer a variety of sound and feel.

SP-Star Marble Soda Switches Feature:

  • 25 included in each pack
  • Manufactured by SP-Star
  • Linear
  • MX-Style
  • Available In:
    • Melon:
      • 72g
      • Housing: Nylon
      • Stem: POM
      • $0.65 per switch
    • Original:
      • 55g
      • Housing: Polycarbonate
      • Stem: POM
      • $0.65 per switch


  • 25 SP-Star Marble Soda Switches