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Tecsee V3 Stabilizers PCB Clip-In


Tecsee V3 Stabilizers are multi-compatible stabilizers for both their medium switches as well as standard travel switches. When used with standard travel switches, it also has the added feature of noise reduction due to the use of O-rings.

Tecsee V3 Stabilizers Features:

  • PCB Mounted, Clip-in
  • Gold-Plated Wire
  • Compatible for both low profile and standard travel switches
    • Standard travel switches require the use of O-rings

Recommended Switch:


  • 1 Set Tecsee V3 Stabilizers
    • 12 Housings
    • 12 Stems
    • 5 2U Wire
    • 1 6.25U Wire
    • 1 7U Wire
    • 12 O-Rings