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TX AP Long Pole Plate Mount Stabilizers


TX AP Long Pole Plate Mount Stabilizers are kin25's adaptation of the clip-in long pole stabilizers to a plate mount form by reducing the total travel distance of the stabilizers. These "Almost Perfect" stabilizers features improvements to the housing and stem to fit the wire better, reduce wobble, as well as reduce unwanted noise.

TX AP Long Pole Plate Mount Stabilizers Feature:

  • Designed by kin25
  • Plate Mount Stabilizers
  • Long Pole, 1mm Stem
  • 3.5mm Stroke Travel
  • Doubleshot Stem
    • POM Outside
    • TPU & POM Inside
  • Supports both 6.25U and 7U
  • Plate Thickness: 1.5T
  • Standard Cherry Sizing
  • Color: Black
  • Available in:
    • Type: Base, 2U


  • AP: Improvements in housing and stem for better fitting of the wire, reduced wobble, and reduced noise


  • Base Set
    • 10 Housings and Stems
    • 4 2U Wires
    • 1 6.25U Wire
    • 1 7U Wire
  • 2U Set
    • 6 Housings and Stems
    • 3 2U Wires