TX Switch Films

$5.50 $5.95

TX Switch Films have been solidified as one of the go-to polycarbonate switch films due to their ease of handling and general usability. Utilized to reduce housing wobble during key presses.

TX Films Feature:

  • 110 included in each pack
  • Polycarbonate Material
  • Width: 0.125mm
    • Utilized for switches with tighter housings such as Holy Pandas, NK Creams, etc.
  • Width: 0.15mm
    • Utilized for general switches such as Cherry MX Switches, Zealios, Gateron Ink, Gateron Milky Yellow, Durock Linear, etc.
  • Colors Available: Black, Clear, White, Aqua, Blue, Green, orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow


  • 110 TX Switch Films