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08.17.2022 Update

Henry Chia |

Please see the list below for our updated inventory list.

Mill-Max: 0305 Tin, 7305 Gold

Owlstab V2 Screw-in Stabilizers: 100% Smokey, Clear; 80% Smokey, Clear

JWK Bluey Switches

Box V2 White Clicky Switches
Black Linear Switches
Speed Pro Burgundy Switches

KBD67 Lite R4: Transparent, Rosy Brown, Steel Gray, Vivid Violet (release date TBD)

Cream Switches

KS-3 Milky Yellow Pro Switches
North Pole Switches
Ink V2: Silent Black Swithces
Baby Kangaroo Switches

Ordered, Pending Fulfillment
Wuque Studio, early-mid Sept.
MM Switch: ALL variants
Silicone Lube Station
Onion Linear Switches
Aurora Clear Pre-lubed Linear Switches
Titanium Switch Pullers: Prism, Black, Blue, Titanium Silver

AEBoards, no ETA
Full Restock

Tecsee, early Sept.
Sapphire Tactile Switches
Purple Panda Tactile Switches
Ice Candy Linear Switches
Ice Mango Tactile Switches
Ice Cream DIY Switch Sample Kit

RAMA Works, no ETA
Rama Deskmats: Lake, Kuro, Soya, Love

Medium Cherry Profile Keycap Trays: Lime Green, Ube Purple, Transparent Clear, Smokey Black, Orange, Aqua Blue, Coffee Brown
Medium SA Profile Keycap Trays: Lime Green, Ube Purple, Transparent Clear, Smokey Black, Orange, Coffee Brown, Aqua Blue
JTK shipment has been shipped but this is a shipping hold on these items

GoPolar, late Aug
Azure Dragon Tactile Switches
Vermillion Bird Linear Switches
Super X Gloss Keycaps: Printed/Clear, Printed/Black, Blank/Clear, Blank/Black

KBDfans early-mid Sept
Tiger 80 Lite: Transparent Purple, Transparent Green, Transparent Blue, Pink, Transparent Ink, Transparent White, Black, White
KBD67 R4: Black, White, Flamingo Pink, Bonnie Cream, Pale Turquoise, Justice Blue, Powder Blue, Mint Chip

Twist (in-transit, but delayed)
Kabuki-Cho (no ETA)
Resonance (no ETA)

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