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08.24.2022 Update

Carl Cabrera |

Please see the list below for our updated inventory list.

Restocked 8/23/2022
Keycap Trays: Standard, max

NK Cream
Kailh Box V2 White

Go Polar
Azure Dragon
Vermillion Bird

KS-3 Milky Yellow Pro
North Pole
Ink V2: Black, Silent Black, Red, Yellow
Oil King
KS-9 Yellow Pro
Box V2 Pink
KS-3 Milky Black
Ink V2 Stabilizers
Switch Opener Black

Sapphire V2
Purple Panda
Ice Candy Linear: UHMWPE
Mango Ice

JWK Linear: Black, White, Red, Yellow
JWK Semi Silent

Linear: Teal
Light Tactile Burgundy
POM "Piano"
POM "Sunflower" T1
V2 Stabilizers
Plate Mount Stabilizers
Stabilizer Wire
Gold Plated Springs

Restocked 8/19/2022
Mill-max 0305
Krytox 205g0: 5ml, 8ml
TriBosys 3203: 3ml, 5ml

dk - eta early Sept
JWK Bluey Switches

Kailh - Friday, 8/26/2022
Speed Pro Burgundy Switches

KBD67 Lite R4: Transparent, Rosy Brown, Steel Gray, Vivid Violet (release date TBD)
KBDfans Tiger 80: Gray, Burgundy, Light Purple, Dark Blue, Acrylic (available sometime this week)

PBTfans - Available sometime this week
BoW Keycap Set: Numpad, Spacebar Kit
Neon Keycap Set: Hiragana Alpha Kit, Base Kit, Red Spacebar Kit, Blue Spacebar Kit 4
Purpolch Keycap Set: Base

JTK - Friday, 8/26/2022
Medium Keycap Trays: ALL colors

Gateron - Friday, 8/26/2022
Baby Kangaroo Switches

GoPolar - Friday, 8/26/2022
Super x Gloss Keycap Set: Printed/Clear, Printed/Black, Blank/Clear, Blank/Black

Ordered, Pending Fulfillment
Wuque Studio, early-mid Sept.
MM Switch: ALL variants
Silicone Lube Station
Onion Linear Switches
Aurora Clear Pre-lubed Linear Switches
Titanium Switch Pullers: Prism, Black, Blue, Titanium Silver

RAMA Works, no ETA
Rama Deskmats: Lake, Kuro, Soya, Love

AEBoards, no ETA
Full Restock

Twist Keycap Set (Received, ON HOLD)
Kabuki-Cho Keycap Set (no ETA)
Resonance Keycap Set (no ETA)
Keycap Trays (early Sept)
Crosshair Add-on Kit: Semi-Transparent, Alpha (early Sept)
Neon Keycap Set: Yellow Spacebar Kit, Green Spacebar Kit, Blue Spacebar Kit (early Sept)
Spark Keycap Set: Base (early Sept)
WoB: Numpad Kit (early Sept)

KBDfans, early Sept
KBD67 V3 Gasket Mount Alu Case: Black, White
Tiger 80: Black, Deep Space, E-White
Tiger 80 Lite: ALL colors

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