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08.31.2022 Update

Carl Cabrera |

Please see the list below for our updated inventory list.

Restocked 8/30/2022
Q0 Numpad: Carbon Black, Silver Grey
Q2 Barebone Knob Kit: Carbon Black, Silver Grey
Q2 Plate: Aluminum, PC
Q3 Barebone Kit: Silver Grey, Navy Blue
Q3 Plate: PC, FR4
Q3 Plate: Brass, Aluminum
Q3 Barebone Knob Plate: PC, FR4
Q5 Barebone Kit: Carbon Black, Silver Grey
Q5 Barebone Knob Kit: Carbon Black
Q5 Plate: PC, FR4
Q5 Barebone Knob Plate: FR4
Q6 Barebone Kit: Carbon Black, Navy Blue, Silver Grey
Q7 Barebone Kit: Carbon Black, Silver Grey
Q8 Plate: FR4, PC, Brass

Restocked 8/29/2022
Owlstab V2 Stabilizers: 100% Smokey, Clear; 80% Smokey, Clear

RAMA - eta mid-to-late next week
RAMA Mats: Lake, Kuro, Soya, Love

dk - eta mid September
JWK Bluey

Ordered, Pending Fulfillment
Wuque Studio- early-mid Sept.
MM Switch: ALL variants
Silicone Lube Station
Onion Linear Switches
Aurora Clear Pre-lubed Linear Switches
Titanium Switch Pullers: Prism, Black, Blue, Titanium Silver

TX Keyboards KR - eta hopefully next week
General Restock (films, springs, etc)
TX Stabilizer 2u Kit: Black, White

Q0 Kit: Carbon Black, Navy Blue
Q0 Plate: PC, Brass
Q2 Barebone Kit: Carbon Black, Silver Grey
Q2 Plate: FR4
Q3 Barebone Knob: Navy Blue
Q5 Barebone Kit: Carbon Black
Q5 Barebone Knob Plate: PC
Q6 Barebone Kit: Carbon Black
Q6 Barebone Knob Kit: Carbon Black, Navy Blue
Q6 Barebone Plate: PC
Q6 Barebone Knob Plate: PC
Q8 Alice Barebone Knob: Silver Grey
Q8 Plate: Aluminum
V1 Barebone Kit: Frosted Black
V1 Barebone Knob Kit: Frosted Black

General Restock
Durock V2 Stabilizer (NEW COLORS): Purple, Teal, Pink

AEBoards, no ETA
Full Restock

Twist Keycap Set (Received, ON HOLD)
Kabuki-Cho Keycap Set (no ETA)
Resonance Keycap Set (no ETA)
Keycap Trays (early Sept)
Crosshair Add-on Kit: Semi-Transparent, Alpha (early Sept)
Neon Keycap Set: Yellow Spacebar Kit, Green Spacebar Kit, Blue Spacebar Kit (early Sept)
Spark Keycap Set: Base (early Sept)
WoB: Numpad Kit (early Sept), 40's Kit

SPRiT Designs
General Restock

KBDfans, early Sept
KBD67 V3 Gasket Mount Alu Case: Black, White
Tiger 80: Black, Deep Space, E-White
Tiger 80 Lite: ALL colors

Zeal Generation
Zealios V2: 62g, 65g
Tealios V2: 67g

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