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10.27.22 Inventory Update

Carl Cabrera |

Please see our list below for our updated inventory schedule:

Restocked 10/27
Neon Linear Switches

Silicone Lube Station
Titanium Switch Puller: Prism, Titanium Silver, Blue
WS Aurora Clear Linear Switch
WS Onion Linear Switch

Ink V2 Switches: Silent Black, Black
Oil King Linear Switch
KS-9 Pro 2.0 Switches: Brown, Red
KS-3 Pro: Milky Yellow
Ink V2 Stabilizer
Switch Opener: Black
KS-3: Milky/Black

SOTC Linear Switches

Meteor White Linear Switches

Keycap Puller: SS, Black, Red

Blaeck Linear Switches
Raed R2 Linear Switches
Naevy R2 Tactile Switches
Staebies V2 Stabilizers

Shrimp Silent Tactile Switches
Dolphin Silent Linear Switches
POM "Piano" Linear Switches
Durock Linear Switches: Teal 62g
Durock Medium Tactile Switches
Koala Tactile Switches
JWK Jwick: Black Linear, Black T1 Tactile
Durock V2 Stabilizers: All Variants
Durock Plate Mount Stabilizers: All Variants
Durock Gold Plated Springs: 55g, 62g, 67g
Durock Switch Film

TX Keyboards KR
XL Springs: 57g, 62g, 65g
Long Springs: 55g, 60g, 65g, 75g, 80g
Medium Springs: 57g
Short Springs: 75g, 90g
TX Film 0.15mm: White, Aqua, Blue, Red, Yellow
TX Film 0.125mm: Clear, White, Pink
TX Stabilizer Tester: White 1.6T, Black 1.2T
TX Stabilizers 1.2T: Black WKL, Alpaca WK, Alpaca 2u, Cobalt 2u, Cobalt WK
TX Stabilizers 1.6T: Alpaca WK, Alpaca 2u, Cobalt 2u

Lofi Switch Tuner Girl Deskmat: AM, PM
Constellation Deskmat: Midnight
Blueprint Deskmat

TX Keyboards KR
TX Stabilizer Long Pole: Orange/Beige, White
TX Switch Puller: Black, Gray, White, Yellow

Blank Keycap Set: Black, White, Grey/White

Ordered, Pending Fulfillment
Keycap Storage Trays

Klein Blue: Base, Base Katakana, Numpad, Spacebar, 40’s
Twist: Base, Hiragana Alphas
PBTfans x BIIP Clear 2048
Classic Hangul: Base, Alt Alpha, Spacebars, 40s (ETA Late October)
Dolch: Base, Numpad, Gray SPacebar, Green Spacebar, Red Spacebar, 40's, International
Crosshair Kit: Solid Alpha, Semi-Transparent Alpha
Storage Trays
Resonance: Base
BoW: Numpad, Simple Base, Spacebar
Neon: Base, Red Spacebar, Green Spacebar
WoB: Base

Q10 Barebone Knob Kit: Black, Blue, Grey
Q10 Knob Plates: Alu, PC, Brass, FR4
V4 Plate: Alu, PC, Brass, FR4
V3 Barebone Knob Kit: Frosted Black
V3 Barebone Knob Kit: Black
V3 Barebone Kit: Black
V1 Plate: Alu, PC, Brass, FR4

43 Studio
OP Black
OP Black Long Pole

ePBT Divine Plan

Lelelab Crystal SuperX Clear Keycaps: Printed/Black, Printed/Clear

Azure Dragon V2

KBD67 Rev 2 65% PCB
Tiger 80 TKL: Acrylic, Arctic Sky, Silver
Tiger Lite Hotswap PCB
Tiger Lite ABS Plastic Case: Black, Transparent White, Transparent Ink, Pink, Transparent Blue, Transparent Green

MX Slow Extreme I: 45g, 55g, 60g
MX Slow Extreme II: 45g, 50g, 68g
MX Slow Extreme III: 63.5g, 65g
MX Slow Extreme V: 55g
MX Supreme: 45g, 62g, 63.5g, 65g
Multi-Stage Spring M0: 60g, 63.5g

Thank you, all! We hope you were able to grab everything you needed from our sale last weekend

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