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12.15.22 Inventory Update

Carl Cabrera |

Please see our list below for our updated inventory schedule:

Inventory Notice Glossary:
"Restocked on (date)" - Previously restocked items that were not announced.
"Going Live (date) at (time) PST" - Release date for products going live.
"Checking-In" - Arrived in our warehouse. Currently being counted, photographed, down-packed, shelved, etc. Basically any/all processes required to prepare an item to be sold on the store.
"In-transit" - Shipped from our supplier and is on the way to our warehouse.
"Ordered" - Order has been placed with the supplier, not shipped.
Items marked in bold are new to the store.

Dec 13th, 2022
DZ65 RGB V3 Hotswap PCB
KBD67 Lite R4 DIY Kit: Black
Tiger Lite TKL: White, Black, Pink, Steel Gray, Transparent White, Transparent Ink, Transparent Green, Transparent Purple

Dec 12th, 2022
CJ Linear Switches
Oil King Linear Switches
KS-3 Milky Yellow Linear Switches

The Key Company
Clack Cat Deskmat: Black

POM Piano Linear Switches
POM Sunflower Tactile Switches
Durock Light Tactile Switches
Durock Linear Switches: Teal 62g
Durock T1 Tactile Switches
Koala Tactile Switches: 67g
JWK Jwick: Black
JWK Black T1
Durock V2 Stabilizers
Durock Stabilizer Wires
Durock Gold Plated Springs: 62g, 63.5g, 65g, 67g, 78g

Titanium Switch Puller: Prism, Titanium Silver, Blue, Black

Dec 9th, 2022
Magnetic Keycap Tray: Coral Pink, French Navy Blue, Blanc White

Christmas Artisans: Christmas Tree, Snowman, Santa

Snow Blue Gray Linear Switches

TX Keyboards KR
TX Plate Mount Stabilizers: WK
TX Plate Mount Stabilizers: 2u

North Pole V2 Linear Switches

Ordered, Pending Fulfillment
Baby Racoon Switches
Box Ink V2: Black (Pre-lubed)
Ink V2: Black

Retro Dark Lights: Base, RGBY, RGBY Text, Numpad, 40's, Spacebar, Relegendables, Artisan Enter, Artisan 1u
Dolch: Base, Numpad
BoW: Simple Base, Base
WoB: Simple Base, 40's, Spacebar

Tiger 80 TKL: Black, Dark Blue, Light Purple
Tiger lite ABS Plastic Case: Transparent White
Tofu Jr: E-White/PVD Gold/PC, E-White, E-Lake/PVD Black/PC, Dark Purple/PVD Gold/PC, Dark Red/PVD Gold/PC, Dark Blue/PVD Silver/PC, Gray/PVD Silver/PC, Black/PVD Laser/PC

Crystal SuperX Keycap Set: Blank/Clear, Blank/Black
Y2K Switches

Azure Dragon V2 Tactile Switches
Vermillion Bird Linear Switches

Q0 Barebone: Carbon Black, Navy Blue
Q2 Barebone: Silver Grey, Navy Blue
Q4 Barebone: Navy Blue
Q4 Plate: FR4
Q5 Barebone: Carbon Black, Silver Grey
Q5 Plate: PC
Q5 Knob Plate: PC
Q10 Barebone Knob: Carbon Black
Q10 Plate: PC, FR4
V1 Barebone Knob: Frosted Black Transparent
V1 Plate: PC, FR4
V3 Barebone Knob: Carbon Black
V4 Barebone: Frosted Black Translucent
V6 Barebone: Frosted Black, Carbon Black

Thank you, all!

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