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KBDfans TOFU60 2.0 Keyboard Kit

9 reviews
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KBDfans TOFU60 2.0 is a newly designed 60% keyboard kit to revamp the original TOFU keyboards to modern standards. In doing so, KBDfans updated the mounting style from tray mount to the option of using three different mounts that are widely considered superior to tray mounting. There are also additional layout options as well as color options while still maintaining the qualities we have come to love out of TOFU boards. That is a moderately priced board that punches above its price range and would be a great board for a wide range of enthusiasts.

KBDfans TOFU60 2.0 Keyboard Features:

  • 60% Layout
  • Three Mount Styles: Top Mount, Silicone Socks, Silicone Bowl
  • Case: Aluminum (Anodized or Electrostatically Coated)
  • PCB: Hotswap, 1.2mm, Flex-cut, USB-C Daughterboard
  • Plate: Polycarbonate (Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, FR4 optional)
  • Weight: Brass
  • QMK Firmware and VIA Support
  • 7° Typing Angle
  • Weight: 1.4kg before assembly
  • Filler: Plate Poron, Bottom Poron, EVA Switch Pad
  • Dimension (mm): 294.7 (l) x 115.7 (w) x 18.5 (front) x 32.5 (back)
  • Available in:
    • Layout: WK, WKL, HHKB
    • Anodized Colors:
      • Anodized Gray, Burgundy Red, Pine Green, Black, Silver
    • Electrostatically Coated Colors:
      • Cute, Linen Gray, Cement Gray, Forest, Snow, Black, Azure, Red, Lavender


Firmware and Guides:


  • 1 KBDfans TOFU 60 2.0 Keyboard Kit
    • 1 Aluminum Top and Bottom Case
    • 1 Hotswap PCB
    • 1 USB-C Daughterboard
    • 1 Plate
    • 1 Brass Weight
    • 1 Set Top Mount Screws
    • 1 Set Silicone Bowl (poron cotton for silicone bowl structure)
    • 1 Set Silicone Socks
    • 1 Bottom Poron
    • 1 Plate Poron
    • 1 EVA Switch Pad
    • 1 Set Cherry Screw-In Stabilizers
    • 1 USB-C to USB-A Cable
    • 1 Set Rubber Feet

Disclaimer Please read prior to building

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Harry S.
United States United States

Simply fabulous

I've always eyed this new iteration of the tofu 60. The majority of my work needs are on excel and ppt so my only hesitance was the lack of the function row and the cursor control keys (home - end - pgup - pgdn). Four days ago, I thought I'd give it my try at utilizing the layers and programmed the right bottom keys as my arrow keys and the layers to my suit. Took a bit of getting used to, but I now have a fully functioning 60% keeb as my daily driver for business analysis work needs. Build quality is superb; I simply cannot ask for more at this reasonable price. Sound profile is "tacky" and the switches have just the right bounce with room for modification depending on your preference. Strongly suggest you cop one try it out, because I'm lovin' it. As always, a big shoutout to the AWESOME team at Divinikey for providing us killer products at an affordable price with fast shipping and unbeatable customer service.

Divinikey KBDfans TOFU60 2.0 Keyboard Kit Review
Sweden Sweden

Amazing update on Tofu 60

I love the minimalistic / brutalism design of Tofu 60 so when KBDFans announced 2.0 with HHKB layout i was so happy! So glad that Divinikey sold Anodized version and HHKB layout. Packaged came within 3 days to Sweden (pretty high cost but fast shipment)! Everything came in a big box and perfectly packaging. No aluminium ping at, very nice gasket feel with silicone bowl and normal silicone gaskets. Have not tried top-mount yet but will try in the future. Very good pricing for everything that comes with this kit. Can absolutely recommend Divinikey as a vendor and Tofu 60 2.0 for both new people to this hobby but i think enthusiasts also will like this if you like the sleek design.

United States United States

Nice package with a few quirks

I had never tried a Tofu board before but wanted a "budget" 60% that also supported top mount that I could use as a ****** board. I was presently surprised when it arrived and after I built it. The anodization was pretty nice. The top mount sound is to my liking and the alphas have a nice resonance to them. The addition of 2 other mounting styles and the inclusion of stabilizers makes it a pretty good option if you want a 60% board There are a few things I think are worth mentioning. For me personally, they are not necessarily deal-breakers since the board mostly checks off what I was looking for but for the price you are paying I think these are things that should be addressed especially at this price point. For one, the included stabilizers are just okay. I've used them in the past from other KBDFans boards and have always had to replace their spacebar stabs because they always tick. The included PCB is nice with all the layout support but the enter switch is placed sideways if you are going with a traditional enter key. It makes it hard to remove the switch if the stabilizer is installed next to it. Lastly, there seems to be a caps lock indicator on the PCB which is a nice addition but it is positioned closer to the tab key and it is not bright enough in regular use to notice. Regardless of these issues, I still think the Tofu60 2.0 is a decent choice if you enjoy 60% layouts and like top mount.

Peter H.
United States United States

So much to offer in this package

I originally did not have high expectations after building this board. After looking through many YouTube sound tests and reviews, I thought the tofu60 sound had a thud or thunk, and that wasn’t the type of sound I was looking for. I also read on comments that people didn’t like how theirs sounded. But i bought it anyway. 2 hours later with aluminum plate and top mount (modded*), no foams, holy pandas, and gmk pulse. It sounded incredible to me. I wanted a classic metallic-ish full sound with a slight bit of echo from the clack traveling in the case. And i got what i wanted. Have yet to try the bowl or gasket sock mount but i don’t think I’ll get tired of this configuration anytime soon. *modded top mount has no screws on the three mounting points on spacebar and i used the stabilizer rings instead as a sort of force break between the plate and top case as well as the normal force break mod.

United States United States


The online media entertainment reviewed this generation too early and too quickly. It's easy to make this model sound bland. However, with the right combination, it can sound amazing. The non-flex cut, solder PCB came out well after all the reviews were done and over. I think this solder PCB makes a night and day difference. Also, you MUST to use the plate foam for the softer plates and probably should still use it for any plate. Without the plate foam, there is an overly bouncy, jello-like vibration with every keystroke. The PE foam makes an huge difference (in sound) as well. If you are completely against putting foam in your builds, this is probably not the keeb for you. However, if are willing to use a little foam, there are so many options available with this release and it's possible to make it sound incredible (IMO). As 'Q' also said, I'm a fan of the simplistic, modern design. The anodization quality is 'OK', but good enough. The new e-coatings are actually very nice. I have a few of them and I'm impressed.. (except for e-white, which was 'eh'). If I could give this 4.5 stars, I would, but since I can't, I'll round up to 5.